Spider Vein Remedies

Zinc and Copper
Posted by Paloma (Lakewood, Ca) on 09/07/2017 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I am taking zinc and copper combo capsules for my spider veins on my legs. Although it does not take away the appearance of veins, it has however completely eliminated the discomfort. It has also helped take away the tiny red "angel kisses" or cherry angiomas on my legs. I take 1 capsule a day, each capsule contains 15mg zinc at 100% DV, and 2mg copper at 100% DV. These capsules contain both zinc and copper because too much zinc can lead to a copper deficiency, or that is what I hear. I get the 365 brand at WH. If you are like me and dislike shopping at overpriced WH, I have also found copper tabs and zinc caps at Sprouts.

I was taking this for 8 months with outstanding results, until I ran out and then I started getting symptoms. I had a patch of annoying itchy varicose eczema on the crease of my leg (behind my knee), my tiny angel kisses came back, and my spider veins were painful again. I went to the store and bought more and started seeing my symptoms gradually vanish. This supplement really does wonders for me, I kind of wish I'd had known about it sooner. I want to mention that although taking this supplement did not take away the appearance of my spider veins, I have say that my veins are much less noticeable now.