Spider Vein Remedies

Sea Salt and Water
Posted by Es (Nj) on 07/09/2015
1 out of 5 stars

I have been doing Dr. Batman's Water Cure for almost 2 years, religiously, and while it's been a MIRACULOUS & COMPLETE cure for my wonderful husband's formerly chronic headaches and sinus allergies, (of a 15 year duration) and it has been wonderful for me too, it has done absolutely ZILCH, nothing at all, for the spider veins which have continued to spread alarmingly fast all over my thighs and calves. I will do this for life, as it is the best prevention on earth for many ailments, as far as spider veins, I can't recommend it for that, unfortunately. Wish it did work though! I've searched for a cure for many years and figure I'll have to pay for saline injections after my pregnancy (which has made the spider veins way worse than they were, and they already were pretty bad)