Spider Vein Remedies

Posted by Diane (Ashburn Va) on 01/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I started using Arnicare Gel a homeopathic medicine little over a week ago. And I can attest that there is noticeably a difference in the appearance of the spider veins on my legs and thighs.

Twice a day I apply the gel. I am also supplementing with organic sea kelp 500 mg 2 X a day, vitamin D-3, K-2, and trace minerals. Recently started magnesium for cramps in legs. I highly recommend getting a nutritional deficiency test before taking any supplements and consulting with your doctor for drug interaction.

Posted by Marina (London, England) on 06/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I first started developing spider veins on my nose (on the sides of my nostrils and under them) at the age of 8. They became much more prominent with age and i always had to wear concealer to hide the blotchiness.

HOWEVER, I recently had a nose job and had to wear a cast for a week. As the week passed I noticed that the thread veins under my nose (where there was no cast) had considerably diminished, as if they had 'moved up'. Today I got the cast taken off after a week and the veins that were at the sides of my nostrils have COMPLETELY gone despite 15 years of trying to get rid of them through creams and such.

So I am not certain what exactly allowed for this to happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Arnica montana homeopathy that I've been taking before and post operation as it thins the blood. So i'm guessing that the arnica and pressure from the cast must have made the blood flow back through my veins over time. Hence they also might come back =S.. but i'm going to take great preventative care of my veins from now on through diet and protection form the external environment like the sun.

So this is exactly what I was prescribed..

Arnica montana 5ch:
3 x 3 (times a day) for 10 days before the operation..

Arnica montana 9ch
3 x 4 times a day every 3 hours.

Advice when taking homeopathy ---

1) Do not touch it with fingers as it reduces its efficacity automatically..

2) Do not swallow or suck it.. let it melt slowly underneath your tongue so that the body absorbs it efficiently...

3) Do not eat or drink anything within 15 minutes before or after ingesting it.

You can ask your pharmacist for advice about this.