Sleep Disorder Remedies

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Lightawake (Auckland, New Zealand) on 01/03/2016


I have tried lots of remedies over the years for depression/candida/anxiety-related insomnia. I had found that eye masks and ear plugs helped me to have unbroken sleep, however bed/wake-up times were still volatile, and also I found that I could not wake up relatively easily like a normal person. If I tried to wake up any earlier (and I mean even 15 minutes) than my body dictated, I would be exhausted and unable to think, and like a zombie for the whole remaining day. I had to be REALLY careful that I woke up very gently and VERY slowly, was not disturbed by any noises at the crucial time - I would typically have to plan about an hour and a half to wake up, with much coaxing and help from my partner, if I had an appointment I needed to get to. I don't know if I have low blood pressure, but I feel this waking problem was related to the depression/candida/anxiety.

Recently I was drawn to bentonite clay I saw at a local natural cosmetics shop, and took 1 tsp in a 1/3 glass of water before bedtime, an hour after eating. Not only did it immediately feel physically, internally good (as if my body cells were being lightened, and perhaps helping with the sluggishness from the candida), but I found that for the first time in about 10 years I was able to wake up the next morning with ease. It was a sudden and significant difference. I was sleepy when I awoke, but I felt refreshed and easily felt ready to get up!! I have tried different therapies, but nothing had been able to help me wake up comfortably like the clay is continuing to do; I have now been taking it for a week.

The lady at the shop told me that it was mainly for heavy metal detox, and for the full detox effects, it should be taken at a dose of 1T in 1/3 C of water per evening for about 2-3 months - so I will listen to my body and slowly up the dosage over that time. (FYI, The product I was initially looking at was a natural sunscreen with bentonite clay in it, which also felt really good for my skin). Anyway, I hope this might help someone else with extreme difficulties waking up like a normal person!