Ice Cream Chemical Link to Sinus Infections

Ice Cream and Sinus Infections Reader Feedback

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Posted by Kay (New Port Richey)
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Am sure my family's (many farmers) consumption of milk and other dairy products has been responsible for not only sinus infections of which some were only thwarted by goldenseal/cayenne capsules but also my inertia and whole lack of interest in school subjects, doing homework, etc. If I had known then what I know now, I would have dropped off milk products years ago. I still have a dish of ice cream once in a while, with consequences, and grilled cheese sandwiches which do not seem to have as much effect on me. My younger daughter once told a group who was discussing one of the ladies sons who was not doing well in school, and the mother doubted that milk might have something to do with it, that "If you give my Mother a glass of milk, you had better have a bed ready for her in about half an hour". I wish we could get the schools to quit promoting the consumption of milk in their cafeterias.

Ice Cream and Sinus Infections Reader Feeedback

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Posted by Premsukhi (Brighton, Uk) on 04/10/2013
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Ice cream and sinus infection: Thanks for this info - interesting stuff. I had good quality ice cream from Waitrose last night and woke up with bad sore throat, and this morning my sinuses were blocked. Not sure its definitely the dairy connection though as I ate a whole baked camembert cheese the other day and nothing happened. Maybe it's the particular way ice cream is made - as one post had suggested. Would never have made this connection myself. Thanks Earth Clinic.