Natural Remedies for Sinus Headache From Allergies

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/01/2020
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Garlic Tea Hot Compress for Sinus Pressure/Sinusitis/Ear Infections/Pain

I have been dealing with sinus pressure, earache, swollen lymph nodes and sinusitis for over 2 weeks now and want to share this simple home remedy. I began having a dull pain in my sinus and left ear & it progressed to a sharp piercing pain.

I just chopped/mince 1 fresh Garlic cloves, placed it in a bowl and pour 1 cup warm water over it. Wait about 15 minutes, use a washcloth & rung the excess water out & placed it over my forehead or the offending ear. I secure it to my forehead with an ace bandage…within a few minutes, the sinus pain went away.

It works the same on headache and sinus pressure. I left this there for a 30 minutes & continued with it over lymph node gland just below the ear, & felt the swelling relax, & the accompanying sore throat also vanished.

For the ear pain, I found that taking a clove of garlic and wrapping it in a tissue and crushing it with a flat knife, inserting it in my ear (not the canal) and securing it with first-aid tape or band-aid before bed and leave it in all nite works miracles for earache.

This remedy works for swollen lymph nodes in the neck, earache, sinus issues, sore throat. I remember reading one of NCBI database studies that crushed raw garlic, the fumes can inhibit microbes up to 6 inches away. That would explain why placing a crushed garlic bulb wrapped in tissue on the ear opening works.