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Seborrheic Dermatitis Remedies

Dandruff Shampoo

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Posted by Annie (Kent, UK) on 12/23/2020

Seborrhiac dermatitis-

my dermatitis started during June 2020 when I split from my partner, had a big bullying session going on at work and with Covid was in the midst of impending redundancy. It started around my eyes as a slight rash of which I sparingly used my partners hydrocortisone cream which did help. 5 months on I had lost my job and with a big mortgage etc etc and still no job in sight my S dermatitis had got to the stage where it is red raw and all bubbly and looked awful.

After loads of reading I began to realise it was connected to Candida which I suffer with and also wondered if like years ago it could be coming from fungus from my hair. I started reading that a dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole (Nizoral) or a good quality dandruff shampoo with this ingredient in would applied on the condition and slightly lathered and left on overnight would be effective. I can say after trying absolutely loads of natural creams and spending loads of money this was effective and can't begin to describe what a huge difference this made in my confidence levels. Please if any of you have suffered with dermatitis or Eczema on the eyes this is worth giving a try.

Good luck 😉


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Posted by Garrett (Mt. Juliet) on 06/15/2006

What happened was I had dandruff bad and found that I had dermititis so the doctor that said that I had it said that it was caused by hormones. I didn't believe her so i tried everything -- a pokeroot concoction to meds. I did not like the meds I was on, so I soon found out that SD was caused by a fungus infection so I found a shampoo that had not long chemical names and put half a 4 oz bottle of dmso in it. Within a week it was gone and has been for almost 5 months. dmso will pull anything into your skin so no long named chemicals.

DMSO, Colloidal Silver +

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Posted by Nikola (Croatia) on 03/17/2023

Napravio sam DMSO sa 30% srebrne vode od 25 ppm. 10 ml tinktura od Gaveza I nešto malo Aloa Vere. Pomoglo, odnosno izliječilo mi je dugogodišnju seboreju I masnu kožu glave.

I made DMSO with 30% silver water at 25 ppm plus 10 ml of comfrey tincture and some Aloe Vera. It helped, that is, it cured my long-standing seborrhea and oily scalp.

Egg Whites

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Posted by Gracee (Ca) on 12/18/2016

I had itchy, flaky, scaly eyebrows. I also had this condition above my eyebrows too. I found a natural cure. I tried several things, nothing worked. I read in Chinese Medicine they use egg oil. I could not find a source for it. So, I decided to cracked open an organic egg and rubbed the egg whites on my eyebrows area and let it dry and just put a towel on my pillow and just go to sleep dried on my eyebrows then I would wash it off in the shower in the morning I did this every day for week I was cured. But to be on the safe side I decided to do it for little over two weeks.

Fish Oil

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Posted by George (Northern Oregon) on 11/02/2015

I recommend treating seborrheic dermatitis with daily fish oil supplements. It dramatically reduces inflammation and redness caused by seborrheic dermatitis (approx 80-90%) within 4 weeks of daily doses; however, you start to see improvements in the 1-2 week range. It worked better for me than trying to pour vinegar around my eyes and mouth. Since inflammation and the redness is the hardest thing to fix, once you take care of that with the fish oil (and a diet high in vitamins a/k, ex. kale, spinach) you can then experiment with what works for you when it comes to any remaining dryness/flakes associated with this condition.

Fish, Sunshine and Vitamins

Posted by Ttt (Hungary) on 08/25/2014

For Seborrheic Dermatitis, try A and D vitamins. Take beta-karotin (cook 3 carrots every day, mix it with orange juice - you get a very tasty juice)

D vitamin: from sunshine (20 minutes every day is enough) or from tablets 10.000 IU per day.

Eat lots of fish.

Flowers of Sulphur, Cream of Tarter, Honey

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Posted by Mgh (England) on 04/23/2014

My husband has had terrible seborrheic dermatitis for over 20 years This is what cleared it up, equal parts of flowers of sulphur and cream of tartar bound together with honey until it forms a smooth paste, depending on honey used the paste may solidify after a few days this does not matter. Take one teaspoon per day it tastes lemony.For the first few days you pass very smelly wind but this wears of, my husband said he could feel it working after just 24hrs. I hope this helps. By the way you get cream of tartar in the baking isle, flowers of sulphur I get online not expensive.

Replied by Lise
(Washington, US)

Do you have a more exact recipe Mgh? thanks

Replied by Mgh

I don't have an exact recipe , I use equal volumes by filling the same container with the flowers of sulphur, put that in a bowl, then the cream of tartar. Then I add enough honey to make a thick paste, depending on the honey sometimes after a few weeks it goes rock hard, then I have to add more honey just to be able to get the spoon in, it's still as effective, It's still working very well for him, the only side effects are occasional smelly wind, no pain or stomach upset, just the wind, I hope this helps. Best wishes

General Feedback

Posted by Lyn (Aldinga Beach, Australia) on 01/16/2013

This is most likely the best and most accurate advice I have seen. As a trichologist I am constantly advicing people that olive oil etc are not the way to treat it and why. Pleased to see it.

EC: Hi Lyn, would you please clarify which post you are referring to? We presume you are referring to one on the seborrheic dermatitis page. Thank you!

Glycerin Soap

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Posted by Sueb (Old Bridge, Nj) on 09/27/2016

My son has had SD on his scalp for many years. He has tried all the shampoos and lotions, etc., recommended from various web sites and nothing worked. It spread to his entire face, and he looked like he had a really bad sunburn with flakes. He switched to unscented glycerin soap and his head and face has healed. Simply amazing : )

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Bogeygolfer (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 12/01/2009

I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea (doctors couldn't decide). I never did take any prescription drugs for this, I try and "heal thy self" and have heard horror stories of steroids, etc. I tried changing soap, changing diet thinking it was a food allergy with no relief. So I started tracing the issue. This started a year ago after a bad sinus infection. I was out on antibiotics for 10 days. As soon as I came off the ATB, the skin issue started. Not sure of the relation to the ATB. I had redness and extreme dryness on bridge of nose, creases on nose and a spot on my eyebrow. Many lotions just made it worse, no matter how "pure" they were. So I found this site. I have read many, many posts regarding my condition and tried many remedies that worked for others. But I found information that seemed to trace this down to the trigger and find a remedy that works. ACV topically was very very aggravating, it made the redness and soreness BAD for days and dryed the skin a ton more than it already was. Honey didn't do anything, even unpasturized. I tried Z cure mentioned on here and it did help redness but still left the skin very dry. Washing my face with dandruff shampoo that contains zinc helped about 70%. I tried supplements and 50mg of zinc and 400mg of magnesium did help a great deal and I still take them along with B, D, C vitamins. But the thing that was the treasure find for me was posts that mentioned fluoride and Grapefruit Seed Extract. I was drinking a TON of water (tap) thinking that water is good for the skin. It's loaded with fluoride. I ALSO was on anti-depressants for years which contains fluorine. I switched to bottled water that doesn't have fluoride (there are only two brands that can claim this - filters do nothing). I also weaned off the anti-depressants and detoxed myself. But the real cure for me was the grapefruit seed extract. I mixed 10 drops with 1 tbsp of water and applied it with a cotton ball, left it on and let air dry and WOW! it is gone. I mean it was gone hours after the first application. Redness, dryness, flaking - GONE! So I am not sure which one did it (GSE or no fluoride or both) but I am continuing this path. I have been doing this for one month now. I apply GSE mixture once a day after showering. I use pure shea butter or pure castor oil as a nighttime moisturizer and I am symptom-free. My skin is back to normal 100%. Thanks to this site and the person who posted about Fluoride and the person who posted in great detail about GSE. I still drink 1 tbsp of ACV with 8oz of juice each day along with a kefir probiotic drink before bed just as an added benefit. I had h1n1 back in October and I truly feel this got me through it to boost immunity along with keeping my lungs strong with exercise. It's bad stuff, even with my so-called "mild" case. Thanks Earth Clinic!

Replied by Brett

I have been suffering from SD for almost 15 years now and have not found a single cure that has worked for me yet. I have recently (within the past 2 years) been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and was taking prescription drugs and using Clobetasol creams to try to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the situation has continued to get worse and now all my hair is starting to fall out on the top of my scalp. I desperately have been searching for the correct answer to cure this awful flakey, dry, red infected skin that is all across my scalp, ears and upper lip. I am going to try this Grapefruit Seed Application that you have tried to see if I can get some turnaround on my scalp soon. At this rate, I am scared I won't be able to grow my hair back ever again and I am only 32 years old. I am trying to be conscious of the water I drink after learning about all the problems with Fluoride and all the skin conditions it causes, but what are the right types of bottled water to buy? Do I need a filter on my shower head to prevent further damage to my scalp and skin?

Replied by Jb
(Los Angeles)

Hey Brett - how has this treatment worked for you?!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by DL (Atl, GA) on 09/14/2008

I've had seborrheic dermatitis around my nose for at least 10 years now. Humidity helps a lot in the summer - my nose merely looks red around the edges, but in the winter it peels and flakes non stop. Milk and chocolate always inflame the condition. After doing a fair amount of research, and having no luck with topical prescription drugs or home remedies, I decided I needed to try and internal approach to the problem. One of the articles I came across said that a certain type of yeast contributes to Seb Derm. Putting two and two together (the foods that inflame it and the fact that it never goes away with any topical application for very long) I decided I needed to treat this condition like candida and get rid of the yeast. So I started on grapefruit seed extract about 5 days ago. I did 10 drops in water the first day (-- uggh! Not recommended. Use juice). The next morning I woke up with headache. I figured the headache was a good sign, a yeast die-off, and continued my grapefruit seed extract - 2 more dosages at 15 drops each dose. The next day I awoke to find that my headache was exactly the same as the day before. . Day 3, headache was gone and my seb derm had improved by about 50%.

I am continuing to use the gse 3x a day -- and will continue to for at least another month or more. I am trying to cut back on sugar and dairy to help the gse do its thing.

Replied by DL
(Atl, Ga)

Update to my first post about using grapefruit seed extract for dermatitis around my nose... After the 5th day of taking drops of GSE internally and it getting 50% better, but not more than that, I decided to start applying GSE to directly to the dermatitis. I put a drop of GSE on my palm and then touched the drop with my index finger and rubbed it in thoroughly to the dermatis, which wrapped around the underside of my nose and partially up the sides. Instant warming sensation. I kept the GSE on as long as possible, which frankly wasn't very long: 5-10 minutes max. I did this application once a day. It's intense, I must warn you. After a few minutes the dermatitis started to itch and burn. Quite torturous. When I couldn't take it any more I rinsed the GSE off with warm water and finished with cold water. I then applied pure shea butter. The itch then continues for about 20 minutes.

It's now day 5 (and I kept the GSE on for an hour, no problem) and my dermatitis is gone around my nose. The redness has slowly receded and this morning when I woke up the area was almost completely healed... the constant redness is gone! You'd think with a remedy so powerful that it would make the skin look worse, but it fact the opposite has occured. It gets red right after application, then heals over night.

Finally! After 10 years of non-stop, itchy, red, flaking skin!! I also know from experience that I will need to continue this remedy for at least another few weeks or it may come back. But hopefully I can eliminate it permanantly. I am thinking now that this condition may very well be caused by mites. So doing a yeast cleanse is important, but you also need to kill the mites on the skin with something powerful. I recommend that people try using grapefruit seed extract for scalp infections, seb derm, mite infestations. It might also work for rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Finally, I want to thank Marea soooo much for her thorough posting about Grapefruit Seed Extract on the melasma page. That's what got me to try the remedy out in the first place. Yea, Marea!

Replied by DL
(Atl, Ga)

Update to my post about GSE and seb derm around nose. The external application of grapefruit seed extract WORKED! It's been 2 months now and I have no peeling and flaking. Occasionally I will have one postule appear halfway down my smile line after I eat chocolate ice cream or a piece of chocolate, but other than that, nothing. The bump disappears within 12 hours. I kept up the topical treatment every day for about a week, then once every 3-4 days for another week, then stopped altogether. Haven't applied it since then. Yahoo and Yea!

Replied by Joellie
(New York, Holland)

hi Ted, what soap did you use to clean your nose with the next day?

Replied by Faith

My Chinese medicine doctor told me if it is on your skin the cause is inside your body. I'm a vegetarian I went on a anti fungal diet stopped all stopped sugar, and started taking zinc, nicinamide and the GSE that is for external. The original GSE for internal use has changed but due to some red tape regulation for the major co the external use one is the original GSE do your homework on this one which kills fungus. Chinese herbs. Increased probiotic and drank lactose free kefir ate daily lots of picked smoked garlic. I work from home so I'm not around people much and alkalized two or three times a day and finally it went away.

Green Tea

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Posted by Tammy (Vancouver, B.c Canada) on 05/15/2012

This is so simple, brew a strong cup of green tea, let cool use the tea bag to blot your scalp, repeat morning and night for 3 days, should help for up to 3mths then repeat.


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Posted by Pame (Minneapolis MN) on 01/05/2023

Seborrheic dermatitis

I found what worked the best for me to relieve pain and itch was raw honey - but this is what I've read works best and has kept me on the mend -

Use ACV to break the fungal biofilm first - you can also use xylitol or colloidal silver topically.

Slather the face in honey for 3 hours per day - can also use another anti fungal.

Don't moisturize with any oil other than MTC oil, mineral or these products:

  • Aloe vera
  • Urea
  • Sorbitol
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Squalane oil

Other oils such as coconut feed the fungus and cause more heat, itch, redness and burning sensation.

Honey, Peroxide, Zinc Pyrithione

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Posted by D (Lisbon, Iowa, USA) on 03/04/2009

If you have a diagnosis of SD you will know that there are many sites that say it is caused by Pitisporum Ovale, they are incorrect. SD is caused by Malassezia Globosa. My eight year old had it all over his face and it was spreading rapidly, the doctor gave us a prescription for Eldel, which has a black box warning and was $40+ even with insurance. It surpresses the immune system and I would not use it on my child who is a cancer survivor. My poor son could not tolerate any of the antifungals I put on his face, his skin was extremely sensitive and everything was painful. I finally hit upon non-pasturized honey, it works. Cleanse the area with hydrogen peroxide, put honey on all the areas. I put it on him right after school and then re-applied at bedtime. I also read a study that zinc pyrithione kills Malassezia Globosa, so I also purchased a 1% zinc pyrithione spray called "Z Care" by supplement on the net. It took forever for them to ship it, but it works. Once you know the exact cause, you have a better chance of fighting what ever it it is. My son could not tolerate head and shoulders on his face whatsover, but the "Z care" spray doesn't burn as long as you wait 10 min after you wash your face. Results with the honey alone were visibile in a day or two, but it is slow going until every little flaky area is gone. It took about 2 months to completely heal him. A note of caution, if the SD is all around the nose area, consider applying the honey and the zinc pyrithione carefully to the inner rims of of the nostrils. I just use a q-tip to appply anything to his face anyway. Don't spray the spray near your face, spray the Q-tip first. The SD was so bad that he also developed a secondary staph infection on the side of his mouth. The honey healed it, and knocked the infection right out. He has a small pink area of scar tissue, where the staph infection was, but I am hopeful this will fade with time.

Read the study:

Good Luck!

Replied by R
(La, Usa)

For years I tried everything to cure my scalp SD, including borax, ACV, oils. Nothing worked. Digging deeper as now it started to translate into the beginnings of hair loss, I found it had to be Malassezia and that the only promising treatment for that was zinc pyrothione. Bought some on ebay (hard to find, but I wanted the pure version, without alcohol), diluted it down to about 1%, and put it in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing. It actually works. When I comb my hear with my hands, I would always have strands of hair in them - 'normal', as the hair tends to grow back - but now, I can barely pull a single hair. It's pretty amazing. They tell you it's normal to shed hundreds of hair every day.

Replied by R
(L.a., Usa)

My last post didn't post as intended. It should say 'cured', not 'better but not cured'. I'm not aware that it is a contributing healing factor, but just in case, I'm also taking iodine supplements.

EC: Rating fixed!

Replied by D
(Small Town, Ia, Usa)

Sesame oil. Sesame oil has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. If you have tried everything else for the red, flaky skin, apply a non-processed golden color sesame seed oil topically for a few days. It will take a while. You can also try antibacterial hand sanitizer, not a cure, but easy and cheap and may help. If you think you have areas of pimples, like white dots, then see my posting in rosacea. You'll need to try ivermectin. Condider trying lactoferrin, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to heal the gut and fight whatever mycoplasma you have that may be causing an imbalance.

This posting is for all of you who have tried a number of remedies, including the Z care/ zinc pyrithione.

Good Luck Everyone.

Honey, Zinc Pyrithione

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Posted by Diane (Lisbon, IA) on 02/20/2009

Honey and Zinc Pyrithione worked for Seborrheic Dermatitis:

If your skin is very sensitive and burns when anything is applied to it, you may wish to try honey. Honey is antimicrobial and anti-fungal. You must use only the non-pasturized honey, not the honey you find in the grocery store. Topically applied honey will also kill a staph infection of the skin.

My 8 year old son had a very bad case of seborrheic dermatitis and a portion of the area became secondarily infected with staph. Very scary. His face was a mess, and it was spreading. His skin was super sensitive and everything I tried caused great burning and pain. The doctor offered nothing except an immunosurpressing cream that turned out to have a black box label on it,(deaths associated with it's use, Elidel). We finally started using unpasturized natural honey. No burning, no pain and not only the rash but the staph infection went away, and has never returned.

I cleansed the area with 3% Hydrogen peroxide, smeared honey on all the areas, and he would wear it to bed. Later I started using a zinc pyritione 1% spray (Z care by supplement spot)on his skin while he was in school. Both have worked beautifully, and believe me I tried everything.

Replied by Diane
(Ottumwa, Ia, Usa)

Skin Update. Fatty Acid Metabolism Disorder.

Supplement with Borage, or Evening Promrose and Flax Seed Oil and Carnitine.

Totally Cured.

Sorry. Didn't know where to post this. Seemed simpler to update a previous post for seborrhea.

Symptoms: red, flaky skin, lifting off in very large flakes with white pustules like small cysts, forming rapidly under the skin. I did not have just the redness and broken veins that some people have. We need to be very specific about the symptoms here, since the symptoms can be easily mis-diagnosed.

It was diagnosed by my Dr. As "perioral dermatitis". Drs should be embarrassed to even say this to patients, I mean we all know we have a rash around our mouths, right? It was a mess, and I had it for approximately 8-9 months before I figured out what it was.

This is for people who have tried everything. Believe me. I tried everything listed on this website and more.

I treated it as: a pathogen (like a bacteria like strep or staph), a fungus, mites, (yes, I drank the damn borax), scabies, leishmania, malessezzia, (seborrhea), acne, I tried three different antibiotic gels from the Dr, (metrogel, ciclopirox, clyndamyacin). I would get excited, because some things seemed to work for a few days, then the condition always returned and got progressively worse. A fatty acid metabolism disorder will mimic the symptoms of Dermatitis with few other noticeable symptoms. My only clue came after I took a big dosage of Cod Liver Oil and I saw what looked like chicken skin under my eyes the next day. I knew something was really wrong.

Started Flax, and Borage Oil capsules the next day. Took L-Carnitine on an empty stomach, (just happened to have it, and knew it was good for fatty acid metabolism disorder from a study I saw on the web regarding Acidura and Carnitine). The Acidura, (a condition of acidity in the body) interferes with fatty acid metabolism processes in the body. This combined with a genetic predisposion called kryptopyluria and six cups of coffee a day meant I was not able to process fish oil of any type. This also explains why some of the other remedies like vinegar and baking soda, alkinalizing the body, and the liver cleanses, and the digestive enzymes seem to work for some people also. You will know within three days if this will work for you.

I saw healing within one day, the flakes stopped in three days and the redness went away in a week. My skin is perfectly clear and has been for two months. I still continue with the Carnitine, Flax and Borage only because I'm afraid to stop. Please note: I did topical applications of Sulfur, (sublimed pwder mixed into mayonese as a carrier) and bought MMS, (chlorine dioxide) just before trying the Flax, Carnitine and Borage. The sulfur may have lessened the white pustules, but I still had the red, flaky skin. If the pustules don't go away, you made want to try the sulfur or the MMS.

Best Wishes.

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