Seasonal Affective Disorder
Natural Remedies

Beat SAD Naturally: Effective Remedies for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Light Therapy
Posted by Cheryl (Highland Park, NJ) on 07/06/2023 10 posts

This winter-time depression usually happens because of the low amount of sunlight available to the pineal gland which sits behind the eyes. So, the remedy for healing SAD is obvious:

Get a light source with high wattage in daylight bulbs. You want to sit in front of this every day for at least 10 minutes at a time. These light boxes are available commercially or you can rig something up at home.

Easier still, take a walk after sunrise, walking east toward the sun for about 10 minutes every morning. Every several steps, flick your eyes up to the sun and back down again. Just a flicker to expose the pineal to the sun's early rays, which are not harmful as they are later in the day.

I shared this simple therapy with a client who 'got it' badly every winter. Within a few days, he said he was feeling better and after a week of walking every morning, he said the SAD was gone. This is right out of the Edgar Cayce readings.

Now, you've not only "fed" your pineal gland some sunlight, you've also walked about a mile and are ready for the day! Within a few days to a week, you are no longer depressed – all for free and without addicting drugs, hooray!