Scorpion Bite Remedies

Posted by veronicaC (San Antonio) on 08/08/2021
5 out of 5 stars

We have a lot of scorpions in the hill country of Texas. I never really saw one until I moved to the edges of San Antonio. Now I see them all the time. Can't stand the little buggers. When I was first stung (oh my gosh, the pain is unreal) I was in tears. Not knowing what else to do, I stuck my hand in ice water. Instant relief. If I took the ice off my hand, the pain would return. After a while, I just kept a rag with ice in it on the sting. After about an hour, the sting was gone. Just a little bit of swelling was left behind. I did this for a wasp sting as well. Ice is your friend when there are stinging insects involved.