Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Remedies

Tamanu Oil and DMSO
Posted by Angel (Michigan) on 02/11/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I've had RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) for almost 12 years, and have gone through the standard treatments of blocks and medication. I'm thankful that I have a level of pain that is usually tolerable.

However I do have intermittent flare-ups of severe pain, and if I injure myself I always run the risk of a severe situation.

I don't believe there is a cure, as any injury can trigger the Neuropathic response that causes the pain. But I came across information on Tamanu Oil completely by accident while researching a remedy for a skin issue. Lo and behold, the article I read said it has been used for leprosy pain which is a type of nerve pain, and was very helpful.

So, when my next flare up came, I applied the oil- just enough to cover the painful area and a bit around it, and to my surprise the pain completely stopped within 10 minutes!!! I usually would use a Lidocaine patch for those episodes, but this was just as effective and zero side effects.

My mother has also used it for stabbing pain that she has occasionally, as well as for joint pain. She was very impressed as well.

With my original injury, I was not improving and was possibly facing a lifetime of agony when I contacted a holistic doctor. He told me to use DMSO liquid three times a day (prescription is best- it's more pure). At that time it was a life saver, it worked very quickly and allowed me to walk again and to return to work.

The Tamanu oil is easier because I can get it at a local health store or online, vs. calling a doctor. I recommend both products. The only reason not to use Tamanu is if you have a nut allergy, as it is a nut from inside a fruit (pretty sure about that).

NAC is also very important for RSD especially for a recent diagnosis/ initial symptoms. Vitamin C has been shown to be a preventative, so if you currently have it, it wouldn't hurt to take it regularly.

If this helps even one person, I'm glad to write this long post :)