Rectal Bleeding Remedies

Whole Blended Lemon
Posted by Jon V. (Austin, TX) on 10/20/2022
5 out of 5 stars

For the last 3 months, I have suffered from rectal bleeding any time I defecate. It is copious amounts of blood – anywhere from 1 tablespoon to up to 1/3 of a cup. As long as I am sitting on the toilet, I am freely dripping blood in a steady drip. It's not painful. I don't have Hemorrhoids. Wiping does not hurt. It is simply blood loss from what I guess are the veins surrounding the anus. There is so much blood that when I wipe with toilet paper the paper will be saturated in a matter of a second or two. Bleeding stops as soon as I stand up from the toilet. I don't feel ill. I have energy. I have had a few bloody noses that just began within the last week. The only other issue I have is constant chronic right shoulder pain that started about a month ago from what I believe is a sluggish gall bladder (possible gallstones) as I do have tenderness under my right ribcage when I press the gall bladder area. It has severely affected my sleep as I am a side sleeper and sleeping on my side is so painful that I am forced to sleep on my back which sets off a mild case of sleep apnea.

Being proactive regarding my health I got on YouTube and started researching. I thought the excess bleeding might have something to do with a vitamin C deficiency as I am not a big consumer of fruit or citrus. I remember from my school days learning about the effects of scurvy and bleeding gums, and that simply consuming a lemon or lime will correct it. I entered “Lemons vitamin C” in the search bar on Youtube and hit enter. I immediately saw a video titled Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part, and Seeds by Dr. Eric Berg DC that caught my eye. Watching that video changed my life. Dr. Berg's simple explanation of “why you should consume the whole lemon” (video time 1:44 to 6:22 minutes) provided enough similarities with what was going on with me that I decided to give it a shot.

I drove to my local supermarket that carries a small organic section (most nationwide grocery stores carry organic lemons and or limes– usually a bag of 10 for under $5) and bought organic lemons. It must be organic lemon or limes as non-organic citrus fruit is heavily sprayed with pesticides which you will consume if you eat the whole non-organic lemon. When I got home, I cut one lemon into 10 equal parts, threw the parts into a tall quart size wide mouth mason jar, filled with around 12 oz of water, and used a hand immersion blender for 3 minutes (enough time to make sure everything was really cut and blended – no big pieces especially any seeds or peel parts.

A counter blender or bullet type blender will work as well). You can watch the video to see how to blend the lemon and drink. I didn't have any liquid stevia at the time, so I just drank it straight in one go. It was bitter but not so bad where I gagged. I can see where the liquid stevia could help offset the bitterness. To be honest, it wasnt bad tasting and from start (cutting lemon) to finish (cleaning the blender) was roughly 5 minutes. The only side effect was I had diarrhea that night and I could see bits of the lemon pulp floating in the water. Other than that no problems. I drank a blended lemon for the next 3 days and on the fourth morning while sitting on the toilet I noticed when I wiped that there was no blood, not even a smudge. I looked in the toilet bowl and for the first time in 3 months the water was clear instead of the customary dark blood red color.

It has now been two weeks of consuming one organic blended lemon a day. I have not had any blood in my stools or from a bloody nose since I started drinking a whole lemon. As a side benefit on day 6th my chronic constant shoulder pain vanished as well as my gallbladder tenderness. Good luck and remember don't stop looking for health answers that are easy to do, easy to find, dont break the bank, and work for you.