Rectal Bleeding Remedies

Pantothenic Acid
Posted by Marinne (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 07/02/2008
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re: Rectal Bleeding (Ailment)

I have Crohn's Disease (in remission) however one of the symptoms I still get is bright red bloody rectal bleeding. (sorry it's gross) No hemorroids or diverticulitis etc. After extensive research in my 1950's editions of the books by nutritionalist Adelle Davis, I came up with the remedy of large quantities of Pantothenic Acid, vitamin B3. Panto is one of the few vitamins that you can take as much as you want and you will not get a bad reaction or throw something else out of whack. I take large quantities of it until the bright red bleeding stops, and then slowly taper off and go back to a normal dosage. Pantothenic Acid is very inexpensive.