Razor Bump Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 10/23/2011

Razor bumps is a condition Ive been battling for many years.

As many of you sufferers know this condition affects people with curly hair therefore more African origin man AND woman.

There are many chemical products promising to get rid of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Since I've used most of the products in the market I can tell you some things.

1.Don't shave against the grain.

2. Exfoliate any ingrown hair using a brush, the kind you use for your nails, with warm water.

3.Use ony a 1blade razor no matter what the adds on tv say.

4. Don't use alcohol accent or mist refreshing products.

For me, I have both, razor bumps, caused by the tip of my hair curling back causing itching and redness in the adjacent skin. And I also get ingrown hairs. That's the hair growing inside for weeks. The other day I released a hair of 4cm long, it was amazing to see.

Ok, so after everything I've done to my skin, years of shaving improperly, with 4 blade razors, alcohol aftershaves etc I also have a permanent dark area in my neck. Even though some products help with imflammation, they don't help with redness or scar lightening.

The things I've found that work well are:

1.Urine.Yes if you are familiar with Urine therapy you wil know its a wonderful skin treatment.

2.Honey. Just take a little bit in your palm, add some water and massage it after shaving. It helps with the inflammation and lightens the skin.

3. And number 3 is the reason why I'm writing this. BLACK SEED. Also known as black cumin, nigella or Kawalnji. You can find the seeds in any Arab or Indian store.

I wasn't able to find the black seed oil, so what I did is boil seeds with water. I didn't give it too much time so it would not lose all the vitamins. The result was a brownish water. The moment I put it on my face felt so refreshing. I just let it sit and dry with air. It's been amazing my skin is soft and the dark area in my neck has improved a lot in just 2 times of use.

I have no itching, no bumps. You have to come very close to notice some. I have a few ingrown hairs in my neck that I will have to release with tweezers but for the rest it looks healthy and I can't beleive it.

The only bad side is, it leaves my skin a bit dry cause of the water. But that should not be the issue if you are able to find black seed oil. Anyway I prefer to have a little dry skin wihtout redness or bumps than oily moisturized skin with imperfections.

So this is my grain of salt. I'm light skinned with very curly hair, if it worked for me, it works for anybody. Try these 3 remedies and I hope you get rid of those bumps too!

It was a very hard condition to deal with psychologically for years till I ended up acepting there was no solution. When I was close to girls I was praying for them not to say anything about it. I was glad that I never have any acne so at first impression nobody noticed but still it made me feel insecure about my looks. So I pass this on to you. Thank you earth clinic for this amazing commercial free website. We love life, we love nature and we help each other. The whole world should be like EC!