Prurigo Nodularis Remedies

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment
Posted by Allison (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I ordered the Gandak from India. I started taking it only once a day for two weeks, but I did not take the milk and ghee... I thought it was too "complicated, " but when the disease goes on and on with no hope in sight, that is worse, so I advise those readers with prurigo to follow his advice exactly to a T.

My prurigo advanced and now is attacking my gums! It is sooo painful that I have made my own elaborate remedy, but I have to say that after putting everything together the Aruvedic way is much, much simpler!

My prurigo has improved, so here is my remedy:

1) drink a prebiotic every day to help the lactobacilus and bifidus bacteria outgrow the bad bacteria competing in your body. I immediately saw results when my coated tongue cleared up.
2) eat a slice of fresh aloe three times a day. This kills off candida which weakens your immune system and heals your intestines. It makes you regular, but it does not give you diarrhea. If you cannot get fresh aloe, you can order pills online.
3) Rub aloe on skin at least once a day, wherever there are nodules. If you don't have aloe, rinse with warm chamomile.
4) Then, drink at least one to three cups of chamomile tea, because it is a powerful cleanser.
5) And last, but not least, take homeopathy: Nitric acid 200x every other day or Lachesis 200x. It resolves that irritating stuff sitting under the skin. Washing it out with warm chamomile kills any bacteria.

So, I hope you can see why I should have stuck with the Aruvedic medicine. It has been around a lot longer than you and I! If you cannot get gandhak, you can try my method. I was going crazy, but I think I have healed 2/3rds of my nodules and I am looking forward to being node free! Whichever method you pick, stick to it religiously. It takes a long time to heal since your skin is your largest organ!

God promises that there is a cure for every illness. We just have to sleuth it out. The mistake I made over the years (11) was thinking that there was just one medicine for an answer. It isn't that simple. Good luck and never give up!

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment
Posted by Rukhsana (Uk) on 11/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Prurigo Nodularis in November 2012.. Mainly on my upper back, elbows and buttocks. I've had all the steroid creams, antibiotics, doxycyline, doxipin, oxytetracycline from which I got temporary relief.. I've been to dermatologists twice ..had biopsy done, more steroid creams doxipin.. Two months ago I had a flare up, same cycle went back to drs.. This time I was given fluixillin (antibiotics) and predenisone (steroids) for a week. The sores healed up very quickly and itching went magically. After two weeks it came back with a vengeance and now it spread to my lower back and legs, scalp start peeling and all my private area .. With intensive itching day and all night. Now I got severe psoriasis and prurigo nodularis. Barely got 2 hours sleep. More steroid creams .. Its a vicious cycle...

I decided enough and rang my family who live in Pakistan.. My late grandfather was a well established herbalist (Ayurvedic). I cried and told them my situation and asked if they knew any cure .. They told me that they remember my uncle had it years ago and my grandfather treated him .

I was told to stop all chemically stuff and start on herbal treatment as this will cure it from the roots and will never return.. I was willing to try anything. I was asked to source an Ayurvedic named Gandhak (detoxified sulphur). I suggest you do your own research. It took me days to find a herbalist here in UK who sold it...and he confirmed my aunt's suggestion for treating this skin disease..apparently when I researched it further I discovered this is what homoeopaths give to their patients for skin conditions too but very low doses. So patients keep going back for ages. I've seen it in a well known British store in the homeopathic section.

I managed to get 250 grammes powder from UK. My aunt told me to take one level teaspoon in morning and one at night on an empty stomach with a cup of whole warm milk that should have a teaspoon of clarified butter mixed into it.. So I put the gandhak in my mouth it feels very dry as its powder and then I quickly drink milk over it (very important to take the milk mixture with it).. I was skeptical ..

I'm on day five and what a difference, everything is starting to dry up.. The itching is still there but I was told it would take while to go down and be patient.. I have never seen it healing so quickly in the 3 years. I'm amazed. So take it for 7 days then miss 4 days then 7 days miss 4 days keep repeating this pattern until it dies down.. Shouldn't need to take it more than 6 to 8 weeks.

I was also told to take a teaspoon of evening primrose oil in morning and teaspoon of blackseed oil at night as this moisturises your body from the inside.. So does the milk and butter mixture.

It's early stages but I can miraculously see it working.. My aunt said do not have a soak in the bath as this keeps the wounds seeping, instead have a bucket bath or shower Twice a day. Final rinse should be to put 2 caps dettol into a bucket and pour on yourself (this might not work for all its to help to reduce itching). If you've got it on your scalp then pour the dettol mixture from head to toe.

Come out of shower/bath then put evening primrose oil mixed with wheat germ oil and massage it in ... I'm so relieved and shocked at the difference its made...aunt told me to remember ayurvedic medicines take longer to work but get the disease from the roots unlike steroid creams tablets which are temporary and poison our bodies.. I've also been told to purify my blood from all the toxins I. Have taken in using medicines over these three years

.. It's called neem(from a neem tree)

I got neem powder boiled 50grammes in 300 grammes of water until it halved in consistency. Sieve this and take two tablespoon in morning and two at night with loads of water as it is the most bitterest thing I have ever tasted .. It takes some getting used to..but it purifies your blood is anti fungal, antibacterial etc is the gandhak I hate taking this the neem its so bitter. But I'm going to persevere..

You are welcome to contact me through this post if I can help anyone I will and am willing to update my progress...

Please do your own research on gandhak and neem and take it at your own decision..

I felt I had to post this because of the suffering I've gone through over these three years and could see no end to it.. And hopefully it might help others.

Also lather yourself with mixture of equal amounts of mustard oil evening primrose oil , wheat germ oil and raw organic coconut oil.all over ..massage it well into the skin to keep it moist and to help with itching