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Posted by Ncdorothy (Snow Camp, Nc) on 04/15/2017

As I sit here with a nasty outbreak of poison ivy looking for relief, I am kicking myself for not "curing" this years ago. I know this is possible because my husband has gotten only a few very mild cases in the last six years since he took a 6-week course of homeopathic poison ivy remedy. He took 10-15 drops in a few ounces of water every evening before bed. This was in the early spring and during a time when he did not have an active rash. Prior to this, he had at least 5-6 severe outbreaks every year. They happened in the summer when he worked outside. They happened in the winter when he wasn't outside. They always lasted at least a week and covered his forearms, chest and back. He had been like this since childhood only they were worse then -- in his eyes, ears and groin at times. His mom tried everything over the counter, steroid shots, even a new poison ivy "vaccine" which was a disaster leading to a head to toe rash. Anyway to go from such severe reactions to a few mild case is absolutely amazing. I'm kicking myself saying why have I not just done it?! Hope this helps someone out there!