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9 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Clove Oil
Posted by RJ (Nashua, New England, USA) on 10/19/2007
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I was reading about Poison Ivy control for gardens using Clove Oil from:'


Getting Poison Oak and Poison Ivy - no fun for kids of any age. Try an at home treatment of Poison Ivy (or Poison Oak) by:

Making a paste of a food grade clay and saline solution.

Set up your Witch Hazel paper towels and cotton balls with clove oil near you. Open trash can lid and start washing machine on heavy soil cycle.

Put on Kitchen dishwashing gloves that you can dispose of after treatment.

With gloves on, apply paste over the affected area. Let dry.

Wipe off dried paste with a paper towel, moistened with Witch Hazel. Let area dry. (Vinegar stings more.)

Apply Clove Oil. Cover with a gauze bandage and bandage tape to protect area with Clove Oil application.

Soak plant oil affected clothes in sink, with lots of Vinegar and soapy water. Rinse, and launder.

Throw away paper towels and cotton balls.

Throw away disposable Kitchen Dishwashing Gloves.

Sometimes, kids like a big production, so when you want to do that, recycle some plastic shopping bags and use some gauze tape. Tape bags around the area w/Poison Ivy or Poison Oak - so that only the affected area shows. Then do treatment. Doing that also prevents any of the plant oils from transferring to unaffected skin during treatment. After treatment, with gloves on, remove bags. Throw away shopping bags, then remove disposable gloves, and then throw them away, as they have the plant oils on them.