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9 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Posted by Robin O. (Lander, Wy) on 08/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am very sensitive to poison ivy (female 52) and if I do any work in the woods I generally get it to some degree. This year was a bad one, maybe mainly because I didn't get after it with my regular arsenal of Technu and Zanfel soon enough. So I usually wrap my arms in wet ace bandages to keep it from spreading to other parts of my body and to keep my arms cool but the blisters weren't subsiding. A lady at my local health food store recommended Pascalite which is a bentonite like clay mined locally in the Big Horn Mountains (WY). I bought some but thought, no way. But I was so miserable that night out of desperation I just threw some on and it was amazing how fast it dried up the weeping. I had been down the calamine road and wasn't impressed with that stuff but this was a whole new effect. I didn't even need the bandages that night. Within two days I just have light pink scar (scabs are gone) areas that will disappear with time. I don't know if Pascalite can be bought over the internet but maybe any super fine clay would work. Best of luck all!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My search for the best poison ivy treatment continues. I have had opportunity to treat it in my home again this week. My 10 year old son, who reacts badly to it got into some again last week. He had scattered spots on his face, arms and legs. I had him showering once or twice daily and using Fels Naptha Soap on it, which seemed to really help him. He applied DMSO to some spots, too. He did have one spot on his wrist that was oozy. I liberally sprinkled bentonite clay on it (dry) and covered that with a piece of old cotton t-shirt and covered that with cohesive tape. It brought immediate relief to him. He left it on for 24 hours. It looked much, much better when he removed the bandage. The clay was dried onto his skin and he picked it off; I would have preferred he rinse it off. It would have taken a long time, perhaps but would have caused less skin damage. Even so, the skin is MUCH less oozy and red.

Meanwhile, a friend texted for some suggestions for poison ivy. She had some on her leg that was really bothering her. I told her about Fels Naphta and she did that and felt it was helping. But she did have oozy poison ivy. I told her about clay. she used French green clay the same way I used bentonite clay on my son. It gave her relief and helped her to be able to sleep comfortably. It washed off easily in the shower and was less oozy the next day. She just left it on overnight.

I am guessing any medicinal clay would work well for oozy poison ivy. French green clay can be drying, so I think that would be my first choice. But the bentonite clay worked very well for my son, too.

I am sure my poison ivy stories are "to be continued...."

~Mama to Many~