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9 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Banana Peels
Posted by Margo (Santa Fe) on 06/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

After supposedly being immune to poison ivy all my life, I am a bit late to the game (due to sheer denial! ) in battling a large poison ivy rash on my left forearm that has spread a bit to other areas. Thank you for this post, esp the recommendation to try honey. I did this--applied a thin amount over the affected area and covering with paper towel--and, as you said, instant relief! I also put it on the small areas where it had spread to my right wrist and my shin, then covered them overnight with bandaids, and the rash was reduced to almost nothing by the morning. Hot water to rinse it off has also seemed to keep the itch away for hours.

Banana Peels
Posted by Christy (Denton, Texas) on 07/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Since Nov 2012 to today, I have had 3 severe cases of Poison Ivy/Poison Oak. It has been on both my arms, leading me to think I'm getting it from my cat, when she rubs up against me while petting her.

Each time it took 4-6 weeks just to go through the healing process. I used over the counter medicine and some of them only provided temporary relief, and they were rather expensive. Then I tried banana peels. It worked! I rubbed the banana peel over one arm only to conduct an experiement. Instant relief!

Then I got to thinking about other natural products that may provide the same relief... honey.

On the other arm I swabbed it with store brand honey, wrapped arm with a paper towel so I wouldn't leave a sticky mess, and INSTANTLY the itch was gone! I left the honey and paper towel on for 4-6 hours (until bedtime) took my shower and to my amazment the sores dried up.

I also took 1 tablespoon of same honey by mouth and it caused the other places on both arms to stop itching, and only within about 5 minutes! The next day I allowed the spots to dry out, then began applying aloe jel (the type advertised to help with sunburns) and after just a few applications of the gel my arms were beginning to heal!


While battling with current outbreak on both arms, I had a new spot appear closer to my wrist, (again after I spent some time with my cat). Immediately applied the honey, wrapped lightly with paper towel and tape to secure it and got the same results!

Tried it a 3rd time when I noticed the small bumps had appeared on other wrist, before I ever scratched it, applied honey and covered with a bandaid, before bed I showered and removed the bandaid and the poison ivy was gone!

The banana peels, provided relief, but the honey has taken a 6 week process and reduced it to only days, with immediate results.

Thank you ec for a wonderful site.

Banana Peels
Posted by Tim (VA) on 09/27/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have a case of poison ivy from mowing the yard. It is from my knees down to my ankles. I have been using anti itch ointment. I once read that the inside of banana skins is supposed to eliminate itching. I can say that the banana skins work much better than benedryl! Of course, now I'll draw fruit flies. I would be interested how banana skins work on insect bites.