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9 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Baking Soda
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 11/16/2016

My poison ivy cure quest continues.

My children have been really happy with using Fels Naptha for poison ivy. Using it to wash the affected area frequently throughout the day seems to have stopped many cases of poison ivy this summer. However, it won't work if you don't do it!

So, my 10 year old has poison ivy on his hands and has mostly ignored it and now has some blisters on his fingers. We were in the car together for 12 hours (to go visit my dad) and he was getting more and more miserable as the day wore on. I did stop for some fels naptha soap, but that wasn't going to be convenient until the destination and he was needing relief.

So we were driving and I just kept thinking, "Surely baking soda would help." And that is one of the few things I had with me. I mixed up a paste with baking soda and water and applied it to his fingers. He said it stung a tiny bit but it did give immediate relief that lasted for many hours. In fact, when he rinsed it off, he noticed the swelling was reduced as well.

Baking soda has so many amazing applications!

~Mama to Many~