Poison Ivy
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9 Natural Poison Ivy Remedies

Aloe Vera
Posted by Gloria G. (United States) on 08/09/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I got poison ivy rash four days ago, I tried everything earthclinic suggest and nothing worked, last night out of desperation and seeing this watery sticky fluid coming out of the rash I put some baby powder on the rash (left arm) and voila!

My arm got colder and the powder absorbed the sticky fluid, I was relieved. I did several times today and I was happy. This afternoon however I was uneasy, my arm was hotter and the itching was stronger so I went to my backyard where I have Aloe Vera plants, I got one leave and peeled it on one side and rubbed it against my arm (gelatin against my skin) and the effect was immediate, the arm was colder, the itching and the sticky fluid stopped, and in a matter of minutes inflammation started to go down. That was an hour ago and my arm is feeling well. I know I need more time to get the final result but the difference is already amazing, inflammation is already like 30% better! I'm going to repeat this at least twice more before gong to bed hoping tomorrow I will be cured! Amazing stuff!!