Pinworm Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elementary Teacher (Oakland, California) on 04/22/2013


I suspected I had pinworms but when I found a dead one on the bathroom floor I knew for sure. I was dumb and didn't save the worm for the doctor, but I did capture some eggs with tape and took the tape to the doctor. He looked at it under the microscope and confirmed it was a pinworm, so then I got a prescription for Mebendazole, 100 mg, one dose and another dose two weeks later. I ended up doing TWO rounds of mebendazole, which means 4 pills in all. One pill every two weeks, for a total of eight weeks. I also treated my husband. During the first three weeks I continued to feel active symptoms and my anxiety went through the roof.

I dramatically changed my diet and underwent a parasite cleanse as well, and I made herbal suppositories and used them constantly. I cleaned obsessively, always wearing gloves and face masks to clean and use the bathroom. I only ever sat on the porcelain rim of the toilet to reduce contamination. I wiped my butt with moist wipes then used rubbing alcohol wipes to kill the eggs that might be there. Always wore gloves! Anytime I felt a worm and an itch I went to the bathroom and used alcohol wipes. I washed towels and bedding daily with hot water and hot dryer. Took a lot of hot showers. I slept in underwear, pants, and wrapped a sheet around my body like a cocoon. It sucked, but worked.

I threw away most of my underwear after wearing it once, I went through more than 1000 latex gloves, I only used paper towels to dry my bottom, and I cleaned every surface of my house and vacuumed wearing a mask every few days. I threw the masks away after use. I also bought a nail brush and scrubbed under my nails with hot water. Nails are very short from now on!

I also was diagnosed with hemorrhoids which my doctor explained contributed to the crawling and itching feeling. I started to realize that the pinworms were probably gone but the irritation I was feeling was the hemorrhoids. I got some medicine for the hemorrhoids and started using only fragrance-free soap and detergent.

My diet consisted of raw garlic (8 cloves a day, smashed up), coconut oil, raw pumpkin seeds (several handfuls a day), papaya seeds (until I was gagging), pineapple, plain yogurt, raw carrots, kale/chard/greens, lentils, beans, tons of water, and any type of vegetables with a lot of fiber. That is all I ate for three weeks. I had absolutely no dairy, white flour, alcohol, sugar, or caffeine. I lost a lot of weight.

My parasite cleanse was based on Hulda Clark's recipe, and I ordered two bottles of the Super W Blend from the Dr. Clark store, and two bottles of the Extra Strength Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture, 4 oz.

I kept the tincture in the fridge. I also got three jars of whole cloves and ground them in my coffee grinder everyday and filled 00 gel capsules with the cloves. My cleanse regiment included:

6 am: 3 capsules cloves, wormwood capsules (I started with 2 per day and worked up to 7 per day), and 1/2 teaspoon walnut hull tincture in cold water. Several times the walnut tincture made me throw up, but I just reduced the amount until I knew what I could handle.

7 am: Breakfast (pumpkin seeds, raw garlic, yogurt, carrots, coconut oil)

1 hour before lunch: 3 capsules cloves, more walnut hull tincture in cold water.

1 hour before dinner: 3 more capsules cloves, more walnut hull tincture.

The first week of the cleanse you wouldn't believe what I was finding in the toilet. I think my whole body got cleaned out. I am only 29 years old with a great diet but some strange stuff was passing out.

I made suppositories with coconut oil, wormwood powder, black walnut tincture, and clove powder, and I popped them up my butt (with a glove on) two or three times a day for two weeks. I stayed home the whole time because they would start to leak and it was messy, but I really felt like they worked well. I used this youtube video to make them:

So, after the third mebendazole pill I started to relax and the wormy feeling was gone. I was just left with occasional minor itching and some sensations from the hemorrhoids, which is going away day by day. I was an absolute freak with my diet, the cleaning, the herbal cleanse, and the suppositories. I did not slip up, in fact I was militant about the whole regiment. I cried every day throughout the ordeal and found that meditation helped a lot with the anxiety. Do not get discouraged by the internet postings that say you can never get rid of them. You can. You can't let the worms get an advantage over you. Devote a month to being a crazy person and you will beat them!