Pinworm Remedies

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Gerard's Garlic Cure for Worms

The last herbal we will consider was written by John Gerard and first published in 1597. Appropriately entitled The Herbal or General History of Plants, it was mostly copied by Gerard from Dr. Priest's translation of an ancient herbal by Dodoens. After Priest died, Gerard plagiarized much of this work without giving due credit to either the good doctor or the original author, so many of the remedies mentioned in Gerard's book come to us from antiquity.

Gerard, or rather Dodoens, believed that garlic was very good for expelling intestinal parasites. If the garlic was too overpowering, it could "be boyled in water untill such time as it hath lost his sharpenesse" and then be more easily tolerated in the system. "It killeth worms in the belly, and driveth them forth, " Gerard wrote.

But in order for it to be agreeable to adults and children alike, it needed to be "boyled in milke, " after which it could then be used "with good successe against the wormes."

For getting rid of ringworm, he advised mixing a little crushed garlic "with tempered honey, and the parts anointed therewith."

Garlic's success for the diverse and sometimes strange uses cited in this chapter depended on its many marvelous constituents. By understanding something about them we are better able to appreciate how this foul herb works in such fabulous ways. From the Book: The Healing Benefits of Garlic by JOHN HEINERMAN, Ph.D. page 47-48,1994

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Garlic for Intestinal Worms –

Although not a frequent topic of conversion, intestinal worms are a common enough problem. Worms such as pinworms can be passed from one person to the next by way of careless hygiene practices. Preschoolers aren't known for their cleanliness, and a frank discussion of bathroom behavior and hand washing is in order both to prevent infestation and to avoid spreading the parasites.

Garlic is one of the best worm fighters for the whole family, including children, adults and animals. It's easy to incorporate garlic into meals as a preventive measure. Many children like garlic vinegar on salads and vegetable, and you can't go wrong with pasta topped with garlic tomato sauce. If your family isn't fond of garlic, give them deodorized garlic pills a few times a week. Garlic has benefits beyond keeping worms away. For example, studies show that garlic may thin the blood, helping to keep arteries clear, and may aid in lowering cholesterol levels.

For treatment to eliminate worms, have your child eat fresh garlic (one clove per day for a 75 lbs child; half a clove per day for a 38 lbs child) for three days. Have your child take vitamin C at the same time. Serve plenty of raw carrots, which contain a component that also kills worms, and other vegetables that aid in cleaning out the intestine. Restrict carbohydrates products. Worms thrive on the sugar in these foods. If your child simply won't eat garlic, try making garlic milk (popular in europe). The milk takes the bite out of garlic taste.

Meanwhile have the infected child/adult practice careful personal hygiene and wipe with Garlic Vinegar after each bowel movement and especially before bedtime. That is when the female worms come out of the anus to breed. After three days of treatment, serve a full dose of laxative tea for cleansing the bowels. Watch for re-infestation in a week or two, and repeat treatment if necessary.

Garlic Vinegar:

4 to 6 cloves garlic, peeled

1 cup apple cider vinegar

Place garlic and vinegar into a blender or food processor. Blend thoroughly. Transfer mixture to a covered container, and let sit at room temperature at least 24 hours. Strain and discard garlic. The remaining vinegar will keep for several months.

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My great grandmother was known as a healer in our community. Much of her herbal remedies passed onto my grandmother. When my brother was little he had pinworm and my grandmother told my mother to get several cloves of garlic, mash them into a paste and put in his rectum. This remedy worked pretty quickly. As far as treating the house. I treat my home with pennyroyal, tea tree oil, lavender and sweet orange essential oils, vinegar and water which insects like ticks, fleas despise. It usually kills most small insects on the spot and it a deterrent. Do not use pennyroyal if pregnant. Can plant pennyroyal (in mint family) in your yard to deter ticks.