Pinworm Remedies

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Kim (Dustin, Nebraska) on 03/27/2012

My family is struggling with this and so I thought I'd share what's worked and what hasn't. We did take an over the counter wormer to start off with but then didn't finish it appropriately because we didn't have quite enough for one of our family members to have their full second dose (It was dosed by weight). They returned but with slightly different symptoms so we chalked it up to a lot of fiber in our diet causing a scratching sensation in the bowels. Then another one was seen and the connection was made... So, because the chemical wormers were "chemical" and not good for us, and also expensive. AND also because we did some research and found out that pinworms are very common and almost impossible to completely avoid (especially living close to animals and the outdoors), we decided to find an approach that was ultimately more proactive than reactive.

Hence, Diatomaceous Earth. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that regular ingestion of Food Grade diatomaceous earth (make sure it's food grade!! ) will rid the body of parasites of all kinds. It should be, however, a life long regimen. After you get rid of the parasites, continue taking the DE daily. DE is full of minerals that our bodies need and don't get anymore because our food is so "clean"... People used to work much closer to the earth as a whole, then most of us do now. Therefore we don't inhale/ingest the dirt and thus minerals that we used to, but also because our food is from the supermarket and not the garden (for many of us) it has been "super-cleaned" and the minerals have been removed. Some other benefits of DE are healthier skin, teeth, bones, and hair (some people with baldness or thinning hair have reported complete hair regrowth) It also cleanses our bodies of built up heavy metals and toxins. Wolf Creek Ranch (google it ;) has a lot of really good info on how DE can help fight off parasites. It should take about a week to two weeks to stop feeling the worms after beginning to take DE. But don't stop there.

Remember the eggs are very hard to control/kill. Reinfection is very very very common. If you choose not to take it as a daily regimen indefinitely, at least take it for 90 days. Paying very good attention to not cause reinfection. Some ideas to help are to: carefully, each morning run all bedding through the dryer as hot as you can get it, and change everyone's underwear. Bathing every other day might be helpful as well. Get a nail brush and clean under those fingernails well (help the little ones) when washing hands each time. Adding a lot of garlic (raw) and coconut oil to your diet and also a daily dose (1 tsp to 1 tbsp as tolerated per person) of Apple Cider Vinegar helps to make the body less hospitable to the parasites. Of the DE, We take 1 tbsp daily for adults and 1 tsp daily for the children, just stirred up in water (it's important to try not to inhale DE, as it can damage your lungs) but it's completely safe for consumption. It's slightly gritty, and tastes a little like fresh-turned dirt smells. The kids really like it mixed with a small amount of applesauce. Also making some garlic oil for applying to the rectum helps disrupt their lifestyle. Cut up several garlic cloves and put in a small amount of coconut oil in a warm place (I used a half pint jelly jar). The longer it sits, the more potent it will be. Use a q-tip to apply to anus first thing in the morning (if you don't choose to bathe right away) and also before bed. This will kill eggs that are present, and also repel the adults from laying more eggs. (they don't like garlic one bit! ) I didn't take it seriously at first, getting lax everytime I stopped feeling things "move', but I'm finally buckling down to focus on making sure we are doing the above things. These things helped the first time and we were free for a while, but then got reinfected, maybe from not taking care of laundry and linens, maybe just by having very small children, or maybe from our outdoor animals and livestock... Hard to say. I'm praying to God, that we can avoid that this time! I'll try to keep you all posted and I hope this helps!