Pinworm Remedies

Clove and Mugwort
Posted by Laura (Canada) on 11/27/2019

I recently realized that it's been over a year since I've dealt with pinworms, and I am so thankful that it seems what I was using was working. Whenever I would find some surfacing I would use mugwort tincture along with fresh clove powder (freshly ground from a spice store), and the pinworms would subside within a few days. Overtime, it seemed that they were dying off.

The clove helps with the eggs and the mugwort with the adults. Mugwort is very gentle but similar to wormwood. Excellent for parasites like pinworms. There are protocols out there that will tell you how often to take this remedy, but you want to break the next cycle of eggs and ones that have hatched. So maybe two weeks and then again in 3-4 weeks, until you notice improvements.

I used about 3-4 capsules of the clove powder a day.