Natural Remedies for a Pinched Nerve

Stretching Exercises
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 12/13/2021

My husband was having pain in his head, below the skull, on one side, radiating to his neck and shoulder at times. He is not prone to headaches and the pain was disconcerting.

He mentioned it to his doctor, who thought it was radial nerve pain.

Looking up symptoms and causes, this seemed likely. He has also had some trouble with his elbow on the same side now and then. He had used some stretching exercises for the pain in his elbow that had helped, He used the same ones again, and it has now helped with the pain in his head, neck and shoulder.

There are lots of videos with exercises for radial nerve pain, but I just printed out this sheet of exercises for him. a00791_therapeutic-exercise-program-for-radial-tunnel-syndrome_final.pdf (

When I was having ulnar nerve pain I also looked up and used stretching exercises with great success.

I am definitely a fan of exercises for pain relief! Non-invasive, no medications, and free! (Though, when necessary, I have been happy to pay a good physical therapist as well.)

~Mama to Many~