Perimenopause Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sb (Edinburgh, Uk) on 08/12/2018

Heavy bleeding, peri menopause, endometriosis

To my fellow ladies, I have used and love this site as it can be very isolating to deal with heavy and painful bleeding plus a myriad of other connected issues. I have suffered with this since aged 13. Now 45. Endometriosis, infertility and now menopause/perimenopause. A few changes have really helped me.

A tonic every morning made with half a glass of warm water, half tbs raw organic apple cider vinegar, 1tbs organic black strap molasses and drink up. It keeps everything under control. The heavy and painful bleeding, night sweats and it gives me an increase in energy.

During the day I will have a cup of tea made with lemon, ginger and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to help with inflammation and detox. I have also started taking plant based organic vitamins. They are not cheap - about 29.00 for a 30 day supply but feel good.

Lastly, I am on an Ayurvedic diet which is specifically tuned to my body chemistry. You can find a free profile questionnaire online. I have also started meditating. These are massive changes to balance my crazy city hard work lifestyle but throughout my whole journey I have come to understand that we all need to look closely at our lifestyles, stress levels and especially what we put in and on our bodies. Sites like this one are so crucial for us all because here we can share, learn and have a real chance at healing ourselves. I hope every person here, reading or sharing their pain will feel better. Xx