Norovirus Remedies

Vitamin B-6
Posted by Catherine (Hickory, Nc) on 02/03/2010


Apple cider vinegar DOES help if sipped on regularly during the illness, however with nausea always begin treating at the beginning, for the best results. What I read years ago that works best of all the remedies I have EVER known about, Is vitamin B6 (200mg of B6). I've been using it AT THE ONSET of nausea For years. Again, it is important to treat the problem immediately. Don't wait, thinking that it will get better, it usually doesn't. After taking the B6, sip on the vinegar water, which also has a diuretic effect and helps keep your system flushed. You may, after a couple of hours, have to take another B6 (I keep some B6 tablets in my purse all the time). This treatment has gotten my family and me through many of these illness.