Norovirus Remedies

Posted by Laney (TN) on 03/19/2022

My children caught a highly contagious norovirus from the schools. Within 24 hours, everyone had liquids coming out of both ends, and nothing would stop it...imodium, acv, electrolytes, activated charcoal...all of it did NOTHING to slow this down. In desperation, I experimented on myself with 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of hot water. I wasn't even halfway through the cup when I felt the spasms start to slow, and then stop altogether. Literally minutes before I had been drinking gatorade on the toilet, and it was coming out my back end just as fast. The turmeric takes minutes to work. It's now been 12 hours, and everyone here is doing well. Not one mad dash to the bathroom all day. And mild carbs (rice, coconut water, and bananas) are staying down. It tastes like peppery mud going down, but it is sooooo worth it.