Norovirus Remedies

Rosemary & Turmeric Drink
Posted by Ella (London) on 04/10/2024


The idiotic, big-pharma-indoctrinated NHS gave a relative of mine a hefty dose of Norovirus. The hospital ward that she was on kept all of the windows tightly shut - there was no fresh air at all. Norovirus spreads like wildfire in confined spaces without adequate ventilation. It's why Norovirus outbreaks are common on cruise ships. She began vomiting and experiencing terrible diarrhoea. The ward was sealed off except for staff and next of kin.

I researched natural remedies for Norovirus and found that both turmeric and rosemary have scientific backing for successfully (and safely) treating the symptoms of Norovirus. So I visited her in hospital and sat in close proximity to her for several hours without any fear. When I returned home, I washed my hands and made a cup of green tea, to which I added some dried rosemary and a heaped teaspoon of turmeric powder. I also heated the drink in the microwave for a few extra minutes. I drank it down and I was fine. I did this several days in row. I did not develop Norovirus. Sadly, I wasn't able to offer this remedy to my relative because the NHS would have blocked it.