Neuralgia Remedies

Bull Thistle
Posted by 7zeropoints (Toledo, Oregon) on 06/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful Relief for Neuralgia (Nerve Pain).

Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare). I use the Bull Thistle and share the liquid with others.

For small quantity: Use the portion of the plant that grows above ground, take a stem of a large plant or the whole small plant.
Place a collapsible 'vegetable steamer' in the bottom of a 1-2 quart stainless steel pot or enameled pot to keep the plant from possible burning. Place the stem in a 1-2 quart stainless steel pot or enameled pot. Cut the Bull Thistle stem into small pieces. Cover the Bull Thistle with water that has been filtered or buy distilled water. Bring the water to where it just starts to boil then turn the heat down to warm, not simmer, and let it WARM for several hours. Don't get the liquid too hot as this kills the stuff that helps you find relief. I perform the above steps before I go to bed and leave the Bull Thistle on WARM all night.

In the morning I place a colander into a stainless steel or glass bowl and dump the pot of Bull thistle and water into this. (The cooked bull thistle plant can be saved for a poultice; be aware that the thorns are still capable of sticking you.) The Bull Thistle liquid can be used immediately as it cools in the bowl. You can add more water if you so choose. Pour the Bull Thistle liquid into clean bottles and place in a cool area or refrigerate.

I placed my hand that has carpal tunnel in the warm Bull Thistle liquid for less than a minute and I found extraordinary relief within an hour. This is great stuff.