Addison's Disease Remedies

Posted by Charlie (New South Wales, Austrlaia) on 06/01/2017
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I do not agree with your information on Addison's Disease :- there is no Glandular recommendation instead you are required to take Cortisol and Florinef issued from your endocrinologist and from my 17 years experience of the PAI disease you do not take Licorice as I have 90% of my adrenals destroyed( by my auto immune system:- hence Primary Addison's Disease) and so my adrenals CANNOT receive a boost or stimulation from Licorice as the receptors for Licorice and all other anti inflammatories are just NOT THERE as they have been destroyed ( as explained previously above)...and this outer section of my adrenals DOES NOT EVER grow back so NO amount of Vitamins or potions Zinc Extract etc will EVER Help these deficient Adrenals! Trying to agitate these diseased adrenals actually MAKES YOU FEEL VERY SICK and I have to go to 2 or 3 days bed rest to get over anti inflammatories foods or herbs that I have eaten.....believe me after 17 years of this PAI I know the symptoms of eating Anti Inflammatory foods ...I am physically and mentally WIPED out UNABLE TO READ OR SPEAK VERY MUCH AND CONFINED TO BED! Till this disruptive anti inflammatory foods and herbs have moved through my system.

Oh by the way I have been on these drugs for 17 years and my bone density is average or above and I have suffered no bone damage whatsoever and I DO NOT take Vitamins ( as stated above ) and I just drink fat reduced MILK its so simple ...... I walk exercise eat healthy for Addison's ( reduced potassium intake also is required for some of us ) and eat a fair amount of Cheese and drink fat reduced Milk I.e. healthy Bones!