11 Home Remedies for Scalp Ringworm

Black Tar Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur
Posted by Bozana (Croatia) on 04/11/2018
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Dear Zsuzsi, I found your post here, as well as other mom's post. I'm happy for you both that your kids got cured. You may think you know what they were going through, but you don't. Unfortunately I do. I don't have to repeat because you can guess that I've used all home remedies that you've used and 3 different types of antifungal meds, but nothing helps with my case of ringworm of the scalp. It is caused by Microsporum canis and very, very contagious. I'm cleaning my house, disinfecting and washing my clothes and myself day and night, still I am constantly losing battle against ringworm. I recently started using coal tar shampoo and sulphur 30 c, and it helped in the beginning but suddenly stopped helping. I would like to know from you how long did it take for your son to clear the fungus, from the time he started the pellets. I'm on my seventh day and yesterday I had a terrible attack which lasts today. My hair is not falling out any more since I'm using black seed oil which made it thicker and healthier and it almost grew back totally. But, the terrible itch is still there, so I know that I'm not healing yet. In general, I would like some more details about the course of treatment with the coal tar shampoo and the sulphur pellets, I.e. how long, how much, when did he stop complaining about the itch, did you use anything else, some oil, etc. I want to mention that I am a woman of 60 and not a young person.

Thank you and stay happy with your son.