Effective Home Remedies for Managing Perianal Abscesses Naturally

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cindy (Sanbornville, Nh) on 10/29/2012
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Hi. I just found this site. Terrific! I've been looking for a place to tell my story. About 1.5 years ago I had a (very, very painful) fistula. I went to the doctor, then to the surgeon. Everyone recommended - no insisted - surgery was the only answer. But using a combo of witch hazel (poured on the toilet paper) for "cleaning" and unrefined coconut oil for "lubing", the thing went away. It stopped bothering me pretty quick after the abscess broke, but it wasn't until I went back for my annual physical the following year I got confirmation it was gone.

Jennifer from Sunrise, FL said witch hazel and coconut oil. And I agreed with everything else she suggested: sitz baths, elevating feet for bowl movements, fiber, etc. Vit. E is also great.

IMO - you must eat fiber! I "make" black beans every few days by pouring boiling water into a thermos with 1/4 cup of dry beans. (Goodwill often has them cheap. ) It takes a good few hours and sometimes you need to dump water out and refill with more boiling water. Depends on amount of beans, size of thermos, and how good the thermos is. Experiment. If not done, just wait or add new water. Anyway. Very inexpensive and healthy. No waste as I only make enough for two days (and I don't eat them everyday - some days I eat a Kale mixture. ) I mix them with a little spag sauce and some spices and occasionally cheese - pretty tasty. I only eat a quarter cup of beans, so it's not a big amount. If I am not in the mood, I still eat it -like medicine.

With fistulas - until they go in to do the surgery, they can't be 100% sure it's a fistula. So, of course, I was "misdiagnosed". But that's my story. I guess both can be in different areas - maybe harder to treat areas. Good luck with your healing!