Natural Remedies for Smelly Hair Syndrome

Lime Juice
Posted by Marina (Australia) on 05/06/2017

After painting outdoors and getting old paint on my hair and sweating in the heat for three weeks, I developed what's known as smelly hair syndrome. I tried lots of remedies including tea tree oil, lavender oil, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, white vinegar, lemon juice, lemon myrtle, henna, antibacterial soap and more (I can't even remember). I also tried a combination of a lot of them to no avail. After having to put up with this embarrassing funk for more than a month, I was at my wits end looking for remedy. It was so embarrassing, I wouldn't even get close to anyone. I was certain they could smell it. I would shower and within a few hours, the smell would kick in. I normally wash my hair weekly and it doesn't smell at all. It doesn't get overly oily either and even with the stinky funk whiffing through my scalp, I didn't really have anything else going on with my scalp. It wasn't itchy, there were no flakes, no hair loss and no extra oil production. My head was clean but it just smelled something awful! The length of my hair didn't seem to smell either. If I rubbed my fingers through my hair and smelled my fingers, it smelled normal. But if I rubbed my scalp, yuk!

Finally, the last thing I tried worked. I put the juice of one large lime mixed with water in about a 50:50 ratio, added it all over my scalp with cotton wool. I massaged it in really well and left in my hair for about half an hour. I then rinsed it off in the shower. I didn't shampoo my hair afterwards. I towel dried it really well, then dried it really well with the hair dryer and finished off with cold air... as I normally do. My hair ended up soft and shiny and you guessed it, no smell! I'm guessing the lemon juice didn't work because of the sugars in it whereas lime juice has much less. I also have a lime tree growing with an abundance of fruit at the moment and that's why I randomly decided to try it out. I couldn't believe I found something that worked. Finally! It also smells lovely and you don't have to smell like a salad as you do with the vinegar.