Natural Remedies for Benign Tumors

| Modified on Mar 02, 2024
Castor Oil for Benign Tumors - Earth Clinic

Receiving a diagnosis of a benign tumor, while not cancerous, can still be concerning. It often signals an imbalance in the body. Fortunately, various natural remedies can support the body in managing benign tumors.

Types of Benign Tumors

Understanding the various types of benign tumors can be crucial in identifying and selecting appropriate natural remedies. While benign tumors are non-cancerous, they indicate an imbalance within the body and may require attention. Common types of benign tumors include:

  • Fibroids: Noncancerous growths in the uterus, often found during childbearing years.
  • Polyps: Abnormal tissue growths commonly found in the colon, nose, or uterus.
  • Lipomas: Soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin, usually harmless.
  • Fibromas: Benign tumors made of fibrous or connective tissue, often found in the uterus.
  • Hemangiomas: A cluster of blood vessels that form a noncancerous lump, commonly seen on the skin.
  • Seborrheic Keratosis: Noncancerous skin growths that typically appear in older adults.
  • Adenomas: Tumors that arise from glandular epithelium, often found in the colon, adrenal glands, or pituitary gland.
  • Fibromatosis: A condition where fibrous tissue grows excessively, leading to benign but potentially aggressive tumors.

Each type of benign tumor may have different characteristics and impacts on the body. While some remain asymptomatic, others can cause pain or interfere with bodily functions. Regular monitoring and appropriate natural or medical treatment, as necessary, are advised.

Castor Oil Packs for Benign Tumors

Castor oil packs have gained significant popularity as a natural remedy for benign tumors, as evidenced by numerous accounts on Earth Clinic. This traditional treatment involves the application of castor oil to the skin, often accompanied by a cloth or wrap, to effectively target various types of tumors.

How Castor Oil Packs Work

Castor oil, derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, is rich in ricinoleic acid and is known for its anti-inflammatory and lymphatic-stimulating properties. When applied as a pack, it can penetrate the skin and may help to improve circulation, promote the removal of toxins, and reduce inflammation. This can be particularly beneficial in the case of benign tumors, where improved lymphatic drainage and reduced inflammation can play a role in managing the size and symptoms of the tumors.

Application of Castor Oil Packs

To use a castor oil pack for benign tumors, follow these steps:

  1. Soak a Cloth in Castor Oil: Use a piece of natural fabric like cotton or wool flannel, large enough to cover the affected area.
  2. Apply to the Tumor Site: Place the soaked cloth over the tumor area.
  3. Cover with Plastic: Cover the cloth with a piece of plastic to prevent staining and enhance effectiveness.
  4. Apply Heat: Place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the plastic to help the oil penetrate deeply. The heat also aids in relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow.
  5. Rest for 45-60 Minutes: Relax with the pack in place for about an hour; this is an ideal time to rest or meditate.
  6. Repeat Regularly: For best results, apply the castor oil pack daily or as frequently as your schedule allows.

Precautions and Considerations

  • Quality of Castor Oil: Use cold-pressed, pure, hexane-free castor oil for optimal benefits.Skin Sensitivity: Some people may be sensitive to castor oil. It's advisable to do a patch test before applying a full pack.
  • Duration: Consistent use over time is often necessary to see significant results.
  • Professional Advice: While castor oil packs are generally safe, it's wise to consult with a healthcare professional, especially for large or internally located tumors.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

Essiac Tea

This gentle herbal blend is traditionally used for chronic health conditions, including autoimmune diseases and cancer. Its purifying properties make it a viable option for benign tumors.

Turmeric Root

With its anti-inflammatory properties and blood-purifying qualities, turmeric, especially its component curcumin, is known for targeting tumor cells while sparing healthy ones. Incorporating 'golden milk' into your daily regimen can bolster other anti-tumor strategies.


This enzyme supplement works to dissolve non-living tissue, like tumors. It's typically taken on an empty stomach, following package instructions.

Nutrition and Juicing

Juicing with Beets and Carrots

Raw organic carrots and beets, when juiced, offer potent anti-tumor benefits. Start with small amounts of beet juice mixed with carrot juice, gradually increasing to suit your tolerance. Note that high carrot juice consumption can lead to an orange tint in skin and eyes.

Dietary Modifications

Improving your diet is crucial. Focus on whole foods, reduce fried and processed foods, minimize sugar and white flour, and avoid artificial sweeteners. Seasonal, locally grown produce and organic blueberries, known for their anti-cancer properties, are excellent dietary additions.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Daily consumption of raw, organic apple cider vinegar in water helps to alkalize the body and optimize nutrient utilization, which may reduce tumor formation.

Additional Natural Treatments

Blackstrap Molasses

Rich in nutrients, blackstrap molasses, especially when combined with apple cider vinegar, has been effective in reducing fibroid tumors.

Hormonal Balance

Maintaining hormonal balance is key, particularly for tumors like fibroids and pituitary gland tumors. A whole foods diet, weight management, and specific supplements like borax and iodine can be beneficial for hormonal issues.


Addressing benign tumors naturally involves a holistic approach, focusing on diet, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes. If you're dealing with any tumor, it's a sign to assess and improve your overall health. For more wellness tips and personal experiences with natural tumor remedies, visit our wellness page.

Read more about natural remedies for benign tumors and share your experiences with us.

Castor Oil

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Sonja P B (EC - Facebook) on 07/27/2018

It works, used castor oil heating pack for cyst and it flattened after about 5 treatments. Also helped soften scar tissue from c-section scar. (Years later)

Castor Oil
Posted by Linda (San Gabriel Valley, Ca) on 07/13/2018

I had ongoing pain in my right knee. It was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as pigmented villonodular synovitis (a non malignant tumor). I was told there was no real cure. He could do surgery, but it may or may not take away the pain, and if it did, it probably wouldn't help for long as there was a good chance the tumor would come back within a short period of time.

I was then sent to a second orthopedic surgeon, one who specializes in tumors. He confirmed the diagnosis, and I was told essentially the same thing. He said he could do the surgery but it would be messy, a lot of blood, I would come home with drains in my leg, and again, no guarantee of any success. We mutually decided against surgery. He gave me some pain pills and sent me on my way.

I started doing some research online. Somewhere I read about someone who had used castor oil effectively for a tumor. I decided to give it a try.

I began wrapping my knee in castor oil packs at night when I went to bed. After a few days that seemed too messy, so I transitioned into massaging it into my knee for 15 or 20 minutes each night before I went to bed.

Within a day or two, the pain began to diminish. Within two weeks it was significantly better. I use kinesiology muscle testing on myself, and after one month of daily use, my testing indicated I was done with the castor oil. My knee felt so much better.

A week later at a follow-up appointment with the tumor specialist, he confirmed that to his examination, the tumor had shrunk significantly. He said, “Whatever you're doing, keep it up." He had me come back in another four weeks for a further check up. At that time he said he could detect no signs of the tumor anymore, and he discharged me from his care.

I am sold on castor oil. For the cost of 1/2 bottle of organic, cold-pressed castor oil and some effort on my part, I've got my knee back.

Now I am trying it on some internal scar tissue. I've been using it every night for about six weeks, and I do think I notice a decrease in the scar tissue. This seems to be healing slower than the tumor in my knee did. But I will keep at it and be persistent because now I know how powerful this oil is—at least for me.

Replied by Denise G.
(EC - Facebook)

I had the same thing PVS. Had the surgery and it never came back. Been 23 years. But I sure wish I had known about ways to treat it naturally. Scars are no fun. Also the surgeon cut through a nerve on the first incision and had to move over and start again. I couldn't lift my leg without the assistance of my bath robe belt for about six months and my knee took about four years to actually heal properly.

Replied by Liv

Hi Linda, I hope you may see this reply. I have PVNS/TGCT in my left knee. I wanted to ask which brand of castor oil you used and how you are now? All the best, Liv


Hi Liv,

I have Sky Organics brand now, four years later, and it is probably the same brand. But any reputable organic brand will do, I'm sure. Happily my knee has remained healed and strong. Every now and then when lying in bed if I turn my leg inward at a certain angle I'll get a small twinge on the inside of the knee, but it's hardly worth mentioning.

It was a miracle for me, and you might as well give it a try. Good luck!

Replied by Liv

Dear Linda, thank you so much for your response. You're miracle gives me hope and I just ordered one here in Switzerland and now also the brand you got. Just to be sure it won't fall with the brand ;-). I could live with a twinge every now and then. I just got the diagnose in September and started with wirz, ginger and cabbage wraps (.. which is also so laborious to do) - as I got the same insecurity about the surgery or chemo. I wasn't sure about trying the castor oil before, but am so happy to hear about your success and hope it will do the same for me. All the best for you!


Hey, I also have PVNS and I am interested in how castor oil can help with it to avoid surgery. I want to try anything natural to avoid it. can you please let me know if it helped you any?


Hello Mitchell, Please read my review above. I give the details of how the castor oil helped me. Good luck to you.

Replied by Katzie

While researching the miracle of Castor Oil a few years ago, after exhausting all the threads here, I came across an interesting scientific research article. The research was about how Castor Oil helps catabolize keloid scars; it literally helps your body "eat" them. I believe it was in the same article where it stated how deeply it penetrates in the body (about 1"), and over time the keloid scars would go down.

Notice how I capitalize Castor Oil (or Palma Cristi Oil, Palm of Christ), and this is due to my massive respect for it and the minor healing miracles I've seen it evoke (both in Packs & just rubbed in). On a cellular level, Castor Oil Packs attract T11 Leukocyte Healing Cells to the area, and I would think this would induce your own cells to take care of that benign tumor! Also, pray, think good thoughts, and imagine a green-healing light aura around you as you go to sleep at night!

Healthy healing to you!

Replied by Beth
(Annamarie, Island, Florida)

I have a relative that guy diagnosed this in their knee. I saw this either on earth clinic or another place. She's been doing it and her tumor has reduced greatly. This is a very rare disorder one in 1 million but sometimes cures are right in our kitchen.

DMSO, Frankincense

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by R Chloe (Denver, Co) on 07/10/2017

Several people we know have avoided surgery by using hot castor oil packs. Also for knees/backs, on humans. For tumors, I have used dmso (read precautions 1st), followed w/frankincense oil, & they disappeared in 3-4 days! Were on chest, & the size of marbles.

Replied by Gll

Please send me more info, was castor oil included in dmso/frankincense therapy regime?

Currently dealing with numerous arising lumps on chest/underarms area, surrounding breast cancer area I'm fighting.

Welcome your wisdom asap.

Frankincense, DMSO, Baking Soda

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 01/10/2022


These steps will remove any tumors..

1 - pot with 2 inches of water, warm water on the stove to melt Oil.

2 - put 3 teaspoons cold pressed organic coconut oil in a small jar inside the pot water to melt coconut oil.

3 - add 1 teaspoon of Frankincense Oil to the small jar.

4- add 1/2 teaspoon D.M.S.O. Oil.

5- add 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda.

6- After all mixed remove from pot and put the jar in the fridge to cool.

Now you just made a 2-3 week oil to apply where needed, as often as you wish, apply morning and night for sure.

Best wishes,


Replied by Sara

Thank You ,Gary … This really appeals to me … I have all the ingredients, except the dmso, which I will now order immediately :-)

Replied by Rmarr
(Boyne City, Michigan)

I just made this recipe up and started using it today. I hope it will get rid of this acoustic neuroma. I'm facing surgery next summer and I really don't want to go down that road. Any further advice for me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. : )

(New York)

I, too, have an acoustic neuroma. I had surgery to remove it this past May, and I had 1 radiation treatment. Don't know the results yet. Please let me know if the castor oil treatment works for you. Thanks. Best of luck.

Replied by Enzox
(Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Does it work on dogs?

Replied by Sazzle8

Hi Gary, I was wondering what strength of DMSO you used? I have a benign tumor on my face I'm hoping to get rid of. Thanks so much

Replied by Gary
(Kitchener On)

Hi Sazzle8

DMSO is all the same strength. It won't have much effect on tumors, DMSO is mainly used for Sprains, torn muscles, and small fractures. Now Frankincense Oil is the best for tumors, all lumps any where on the body, even hemroids. I would rub 2-3 drops every 2 hours. After 2 days, it should be 1/2 gone. Then slow down drops to every 4 hours. I have a 99% faith in Frankincense Oil. Please drop me a post in 1 week if you can.

Keep the faith



What kind of frankincense oil to you use? So many negative reviews on Amazon. Thank you.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Magnolia16

I have been using Frankincense Oil for a few years and the oil is made by NOW.


Replied by Catherine


I read that DMSO should be used in liquid state...yes, no? Your post says DMSO Oil.

Thank you.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Catherine

Yes, liquid state. Clean area dry area and apply Frankincense Oil and 2 min. Later apply D.M.S.O. on top. This will pull Frankincense deep into skin. Getting best results.

God Bless



1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Roger (Usa) on 05/07/2018

Look into Lugol's iodine as well. It helped get rid of breast tumors for my GF. Amazing stuff.


1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Glori (Florida) on 05/29/2021

My doctor wanted me to come back in so he could do a sonogram to see how extensive the benign tumors I had were as the lab results had come back.

I started taking 2 pills a day on an empty stomach of 120,000 spu doctors best brand serrapeptase. On the day of the sonogram, he looked like he was in shock. He said there are no tumors! That was God allowing me to find the cure in serrapeptase!!!

Replied by Tammy
(New York)

How long did you take the Serrapeptase and did you have any issues with vomiting?


I took Doctor's Best Serrapeptase twice a day every day for a few weeks. I also believe in taking Nattokinase another enzyme that works beautifully for Atherosclerosis as well! I didn't have any problems with taking it! GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!!

Replied by Joe
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Glori:

Is Serrapeptase good only for lungs? is it good for any benign tumor in the body? Thank you!!



The way I understand that these enzymes work, is that they seek out anything that isn't supposed to be there. They dissolve it and it leaves out of your body. It especially seeks out protein, so you take it on an empty stomach. You want it to attack the bad stuff in your body and not the food that you eat. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR