Nanobacterium Treatment

Raw Milk, Juicing, Supplements
Posted by Joanna (Van Wert, OH) on 02/09/2007

My doctor treated me for nanobacteria, used l tetracyline at night and had to have a special vitamin/mineral/amino acid compound made by a formulating pharmacy. 4 months. At that time the area around my eyes became inflammed, felt like acid had been thrown on them. This helped but didn't get it all. Improving immune system helped. Started drinking raw milk, felt great and then legs broke out, ankles to knees.What raw milk brings out will heal so I kept on drinking it.Start slow, this is full of gamma globulins which will heal. Took over a year. Still not all gone so have added my green drink. Juice 1/2 pepper, 1/2 cucumber, 1 tomato, 2 stalks celery, 3 leaves of Romaine lettuce, put in blender and add 1/2 avacado. Most important is that you take an amino acid complex. Mine does not have the L-Glutamine in it so I add it in powdered form. You need this because it is part of the Glutathione that is the great detoxifier. Don't just take Glutathione because the liver will break it down; take the amino acids and L-Glutamine and let your body decide how to put together what you need. Glutathion is made up of L-Glutamine, Cysteine, and Glycine. There are no side affects, right now I am taking 6 gram a day, 2 each meal. It is tasteless, mix in water, juice, or food. You might also want to add powdered Vitamin C to your drink To read about the importance of L-Glutamine key in Life Extension, go to 1. Life Extenson on Line, go to view archives, next key in September 1999 L-Glutamine: The Essential "Non-Essential" Amino Acid. You need to drink a minimum of 16 oz. of juice a day, but you can drink it 3 X a day if you wish. Lots of chlorophyll and vitamin K, if you want to read about vitamin K do the same routine as above, only key in February 2000 Vitamin K. This is what prevents arteriosclerosis. Both L-Glutamine & Vitamin K are "housekeeping" nutrients and carry out the bad stuff including the nanobacteria.If you don't want to go the doctor way, or drink raw milk, just do the juicing, L-Glutamine & Vitamin C. Keep taking your other supplements. Questions? email me.