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Posted by Kay (Fl) on 05/31/2014
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Be mindful of Silica dosages, side effects, and warnings!

Silica is also used to breakdown/dissolve hard tissues like fibriods, cysts, tumors, etc, which may also may unlease thier contents, including toxins, infectious agents, cancerous tissue, etc. I began taking silica (oral, homeopathic) in attemps to relieve painful fibroids and troublesome scar tissue under my foot; but the silica first dissolved an age-old cyst imbedded under my scalp (which I didn't know was there; leftovers of a decades-old boil that was removed completely, intact). When the silica dissolved the cyst it spilled the (previously contained) infection into surrounding tissues (infecting nearly my entire scalp). I've been fighing/treating this scalp infection for well over a year now, and it's been a painful, difficult, and troublesome battle every day, including hair loss!