Effective Natural Remedies for Muscle Health and Recovery

Epsom Salt

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Posted by Diana Letresor (Mesa, Az, Usa) on 01/07/2012

I have heard all of my life about using Epsom Salts to relieve muscle soreness. Well, last night I got the box out that had been under my sink for 8 years and hardly used. I got a stepper for Christmas and finally used it for a half an hour 1-6-12. I knew I would be very sore from ankles to hips from being out of shape, so I filled the tub with very warm water, put in about 2 cups of Epsom salts and soaked for 15 minutes. I didn't use any soap, I only soaked in the water with Epsom Salts. Afterwards, I took a warm shower to wash my hair, etc. This morning I was so amazed that I was barely sore! I had more soreness on my upper chest and shoulders (where the soak bath didn't reach), than I did on my feet or legs. I also felt very relaxed after my soak last night. I have a problem with insomnia, but I went to bed and slept about 9 1/2 hours and that never happens.

I am totally sold on using Epsom salts for muscle soreness, relaxation and insomnia. And to think I had that box of Epsom Salt under my bathroom sink for almost a decade and could have been using it all along for many purposes. 2012 will be a much easier and healthier year for me with this "new", cheap remedy.

Hemifacial Spasm Remedies

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Posted by Lin (Florida) on 07/25/2013

I am posting this in hopes that someone knows a natural treatment for hemifacial spasms. I do not want to take drugs or get botox injections.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Lin from Florida - Are you able to visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner? Perhaps a licensed acupuncturist would help. I did hear that SPZM tablets have alleviated various spasms (including facial, upper back, neck, etc.). They are available at Amazon as well as other online suppliers. I'm sure a TCM doctor would have them as well.

One customer review for SPZM tablets (on pureformulas.com) said: "I have been using SPZM for over six months to help control my hemifacial spasms. It has helped me quite a bit with this condition with no noticeable side effects."

Hope this helps. Cheers, Bess

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Lin from Florida, Looks like Bess had some great ideas for you! A couple of things come to my mind that you could safely, easily and inexpensively try. One is Blackstrap molasses. 1 T, once or twice a day. (Right off the spoon, or mixed in milk or coffee or whatever.) I have seen it so helpful for calming muscle problems.

Another thing to try is chamomile tea. At least 2 mugs a day. But it is very relaxing and might make you sleepy. Pour boiling water over the tea bag in a mug. Let it steep for 10 minutes or so. Remove tea bag and sweeten if you like.

Finally, some peppermint and/or lavender essential oil massaged in the area of spasm a couple of times a day, or when it is bothering you might help. The peppermint oil is pretty strong and you might want to mix a few drops into 1/2 t. of coconut oil. Don't get it in your eyes. It will not cause long term harm, but it will not be comfortable.

Let us know what helps you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lin

Thank you for your suggestions. Currently I am on a limited income and cannot go to practitioners mentioned. I started taking liquid magnesium chloride last week. No change in frequency of spasms so far.

Replied by Art
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The way you described that you are taking the liquid magnesium chloride, it sounds like you may be taking it orally? If that is correct, you might have better luck using it topically if what you have is a 50% magnesium chloride solution or less. If it is stronger than a 50% solution, you may have to dilute it or just get or make your own mag oil to 50% magnesium chloride flakes to 50% distilled water. I just applied a 50% solution to my face to make sure it is doable and it seems to be fine. Do not get near the eyes!


Homemade Salve

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Posted by Evazz (London, Uk) on 01/02/2011

For everyone suffering with any type of muscle or joints pain, muscle strain, bruises, contusions - this is an amazing recipe:

2 liters of absolute alcohol (from the chemist)
1 big brunch of Arnica
2 avocado seeds, grated
50g of cloves
50g of black pepper
10 Camphor tablets

-Put everything in a glass jar with a lid and let it rest for at least 4 days. Then move the liquid [only to little bottles. Try to place them in different locations (safe & away from kids), so you can remember to apply several times a day. You must apply the remedy on the affected area AT LEAST 5 times a day. The success of the treatment depends on your own discipline and consistency. I know many success stories of family and friends that used this remedy and got hid of problems that doctors or physiotherapists couldn't help. It's been a blessing in the life of many people. Be persistent and good luck!

PS. The recipe is from South America and I have no idea how easy/difficult is to find the ingredients in other countries. I am sorry I am unable to advise on any substitutions.

Replied by Vicci

On the alcohol absolute? Can you just use regular alcohol like you use making tincture? thanks the camphor and clove will numb it, used to use as anestesia at the dentist, lol


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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 07/20/2016

Dear Editor, In your section of advice for those suffering from muscle issues such as muscle aches, pains and strains, I think you unfortunately omited to mention the absolute necessity for adequate hydration (unless I misssed it). This is apparently so important for the proper functioning of muscles, that mention of this fact should surely be included in your initial advice section. Thank you.


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Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca) on 08/27/2011

In the past I've had the same pain in my upperback where my shoulder blade is on the leftside. I thought it was from exercising or over stretching, now I believe that the majority of those painful times are related to lack of Mg, especially after last night.

Last night, I felt in serious pain in the same spot. ACV hadn't worked -- thinking I had a potassium deficiency and possibly lactic acid building at the spot. So after much whimpering from the pain and sharp twinges and tiredness dealing with it, I logged onto Earthclinic to look up muscle tension. Scoliosis and Mg popped up from my search. I don't have scoliosis, but I decided to give Mg a try.

It worked! This morning I woke up with only a mild ache, and turning my head to look over my shoulder I only feel a bit of soreness, not the painful twinges nor tension I was feeling for most of the week or last night.

This is what I used last night, before bed:

1 capsule Magnesium Citrate 140 mg

1 capsule Vit B6 Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate 33. 8 mg

Both purchased from FoodScience of Vermont

and then after an hour or so,

1 teaspoon of Magnesium Chloride/Acetate liquid 133mg, diluted in 8 ozs of purified water

(I've taken the Mg Chl/Ace liquid before, for a skin reaction, so I knew it was going to make me sleepy.)

After eating breakfast this morning, I took another B6 capsule and this time 2 Mg Citrate capsules. I'll reserve the Mg Chl/Ace liquid for use at bedtime. It's afternoon now, and my back is feeling almost 100%. There's only a trace of soreness now.

Word of Caution: Loose stools can/will occur from taking Magnesium.

Replied by Sheila
(San Diego, Ca)

Update -- The magnesium and B6 helped relieve the sharp pain, but I still have pain. I've stopped taking the magnesium for my trapezius pain, and am now utilizing stretching. I must have done something exercising that I didn't realize would cause a problem.

I'm also scheduling a back massage this week to specifically target the trapezius.

Note: I mistakenly took magnesium chloride too early, before bedtime the other night. It made me so sleepy, but I didn't want to sleep yet, so I fought it and my head and eyes started to throb. I wouldn't advise taking Mg chloride unless you're absolutely ready for bed.

Posted by LuAnn (Rapid City, SD) on 12/06/2008

Colloidal Silver Wow, I tried putting the colloidal silver in a nazal spary bottle and felt almost immediate relief of my headache. I would like to comment on the web site. WOW! Lots of information here. Will visit very often.

For those of you suffering from spasms and muscle aches I found that Magnesium 400 mg and Malic Acid 600 mg 3x per day last dose before bed is most beneficial.

I am in the belief that my FMS symptoms and the chronic fatigue were a combination brought on by a severe systemic candidiasis condition. Suppliments along with the diet really made a difference for me.

I am going to take the suggestion to return back to meat and vegetable diet again. There was so much information that I couldn't quite absorb all at once. What a wonderful website!+

Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Laurie (Texas) on 08/29/2019

I have this strange condition that occurs when I repeatedly use my muscles they stiffen and won't relax. For example if I walk a lot or stand all day my calf muscles tighten up and will remain hard for days. When this goes on it pulls on my tendons causing pain. I am 58 and this has been going on for over 10 years. It has caused my to back off of exercise for fear of stiff and sometimes painful muscles. Does anyone have natural remedy suggestions that might help?

Replied by Art
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Laurie from Texas,

One simple and inexpensive remedy you can try is magnesium chloride oil applied to your calves and actually both legs, butt and back to see if the mag oil will allow that muscle group to relax and relieve pressure on your spine.

Here is a link to one basic inexpensive product that will be enough for you to test it and see if it helpful or not :




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Posted by Nora (St. Paul, mn, Minnesota) on 11/02/2012


I have had muscle knots in shoulders off and on for about 7 years. I believe it has been from a troubled relationship that is on and off with daughter. (just background for you)

I started MSM and it is wonderful nutrition, however, when I take it, in the muscle knots, msm causing swelling in the muscle knots and it causes severe pain from swelling.

Motrin or anything does not help with swelling. It makes it hard to work. I was on 2 gm. Went down to one gm. But cannot take the swelling pain so had to stop taking it.

Any ideas? I think its healing it and I tried to hang in there so only took it on days off. Can't handle the swelling that causes pain. But I want to continue msm for the wonderful other benifits.

Any ideas would be nice. Nora

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Patsy (Moncton, NB. Canada) on 10/06/2008

Ted always writes about magnesium supplements and how great they are for almost everything. I have and still take 300mg of magnesium citrate 5 days a week but I see no benefits what so ever. I still suffer from muscle aches at night, I still have joint pain on my fingers and knees. I keep waking up all night and I have to nap every day. I also take a b 50-complex 1 or 2 daily and vit D3 2000-5000mg/day, folic acid 1mg a day, vit C 500mg/day. None of these help. I have also tried melatonin which made me more drowzy all day, sunlight therapy helped with joint pain and I still napped during the day but it's now October and cold. I sometimes do the baking soda for a few days but that only helps with my indigestion and it might give me bacterial vaginosis which I already have a problem controlling. I am feeling depressed b/c I can't find the right solution.

Replied by Sandy
(Bangalore, India)

Muscle ache: muscles can ache if the body is dehydrated. Having 2-3 litres of PURE water everyday helps immensely. Also, eat a couple of bananas daily.

Joint pain: ensure you eat plenty of good oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc to lubricate the joints. This helps reducing joint ache. Also, simple yogic poses can help immensely.

Replied by Bessie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

In response to Patsy from Moncton, NB: you might want to have your thyroid checked. I suffered from all sorts of muscle and joint pain, depression, restless legs, insomnia, no energy - even after I tried a wide variety of herbs, vitamins, exercises, etc. When your thyroid isn't working properly, your body won't work properly. Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) is extremely common. Unfortunately, most doctors rely only on lab test results (and it's debatable if they are even using the correct tests). Visit a naturopath or doctor with an interest in wholistic medicine. Also, check the library for books about the thyroid. Good luck!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Dear Patsy:

Thank you for the insights that remedies is not working. In advanced cases this happens and I may need to explain when it doesn't work. The remedies I posted are general home remedies.

Advanced disease and cases you should consult an appropriate physician for an underlying serious condition.

I once remembered a case who complained of something as innocent as muscles and joint pain where magnesium is not working as it turns out the person had a serious case of metastatic bone cancer.

In another case, another person complained of a severe joint and muscle pain upon looking at the blood test results, it turns out that the uric acid concentration to be very high. Taking appropriate uric dissolving supplements cured the condition. In another case, also a bad muscle and joint pain, upon looking at hair mineral analysis, the blood copper and boron was almost nonexistent. An appropriate supplementation stopped the condition.

And even in another case of an accident victim had serious muscle sprain and to stopped that condition required that the person had to take a lot of digestive enzymes need to digest the muscle sprains abnormalities. In fact certain pharmaceutical preparations does in fact have digestive enzymes in their formulation for muscle pain.

Therefore, I believe if more appropriate information is given regarding blood tests, liver tests, hair mineral analysis, and urinary pH and salivary pH, it gives me great opportunity to find the cause of the issue in a more straight forward fashion.

At the moment I am pretty much left to throwing darts with a blindfold on due to lack of specific information for a specific case. Even in another case of joint pain I found that the real pain came from the movements of the leg, that issue was resolved by glucosamine sulfate.

And yet another case of a diabetic with severe muscle pain, that was resolved with magnesium with plenty of acetyl carnosine. The existence of muscle pain came from glycating muscle tissues and blood clotting features, resulting in limited blood flow, and hence a small amount EDTA was used along with vitamin E. Vitamin E reduces the oxygen demand for muscles resulting in reduce muscle pain and greater antioxidant properties. There was one interesting case where none of the supplement worked at all, upon looking at background information I found large stomach and slow digestive process, which indicated to be a large buildup of biofilms and mucus in the intestinal system. Appropriate measures for standard detoxed and castor oil to clear the system made the supplements worked, but only if the supplements were in powdered form.

Regarding your condition this would really help me if more information was provided in order to solve this problem. One case I found heavy metal poisoning, another was due to constipation, and yet another was due to spinal column blockage, which all leads to muscle sprains. Therefore there are two ways out of this as I can imagine, more background information concerning the condition, or see an appropriate physician.. If I were to guess as to why this is not working, it would appear that digestive enzymes were not use and the issue of alkalization was not pursued enough.

Perhaps the most interesting experience I ever had regarding muscle and joint pain had to do with one case where while magnesium did help somewhat, but the pain was still severe. I looked at the results of the blood test and found low red blood cells count as the cause. People might wonder how the red blood cells relates to persistent muscle pain. It is really quite simple, if there is lack of red blood cell, you have a condition what is known as hypoxia, where there is not enough blood to supply oxygen to the extremities of the body, especially the leg. When there is insufficient oxygen, the cells starve for oxygen, there's a buildup of carbon dioxide and lactic acid as a result. To increase blood count, 1/8 teaspoon of chlorophyll with iron supplements (the person also had low blood iron) was given. Chlorophyll has a molecular structure similar to blood cells with the exception of the magnesium instead of the iron. The iron supplements will replace with magnesium to become red blood cells. It was taken 1-2 times a day for a couple of days. Within a week, the pale bloodless face became fresh and the muscle pain was reduced. Yet in another case a check of blood work revealed high fats, which blocked the blood circulation. As a result granulated lecithin and avoidance of fatty oily foods was initiated and that helped greatly in restoring circulation and muscle pain which included both the back, neck and leg area. As to my own condition, I didn't have a muscle pain, it existed on the back of my neck. Obviously magnesium didn't work, neither did massage or other supplements. I therefore decided to do Solfeggio frequency. That helped only briefly, but what cured my neck ache which originated from the muscles was a cat's purr. Obviously I had a problem of vibrational imbalance in my body and the cat's purr helped completely my neck pain.

The one other possible remedy to try is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 2 tablespoon of lime juice three times a day in 1 glass of water. This should have the needed potassium and sufficient alkalinity to resolve the problem. And if 3 or 4 days had no improvement I would either go see the doctor or get more analysis regarding blood tests, liver tests, spinal manipulations and hair mineral analysis. Home remedies isn't design to cure of advance cases of disease, that's the job of the doctors! If a conditions is Nay, it helps that a person give more diagnostic information. My favorite is urinary and salivary pH, hair mineral analysis, blood and liver tests, constipation, medicines presently taken. For example, if you take celebrex chances are good the the pain came from that medicine regarding muscle pains - it contains fluorine which makes the conditions worse. My remedy for celebrex "muscle pain" requires borax remedy - which removes the fluorine found in the celebrex out from the system. lol.

It should be obvious by now that I have barely scratched the surface to find the remedy for advanced joint and muscle pains. And if I were to write most every aspect of this condition, I have to write a very long thesis for this condition, and this is not really physically possible, especially with a huge backlog of emails I have already. Medicine is an art, it's rarely a science.


Muscle Stiffness Remedies

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Posted by Hkaren528 (Bridgeton, Nj) on 10/06/2013

I went to the Dr. last year because I was experiencing some stiffness in my lower back on the right side. I could only feel the stiffness when I stretched. I have not been doing anything strenuous so I could not figure out why I had this stiffness. Two months later, the stiffness traveled to the middle of my back on the right side. I answered no to all the Dr.s questions. Then she told me to bend over while she pushed on my back. She said she could feel resistance. She told me that exercise would be good for it. I have not made time to exercise but I do stretch. Months later, I am still having the same problem. Is there anyone who has experienced this? What kind of remedy could I use?

Replied by Ed2010

Acidic body can cause muscle stiffness or can be fibromyalgia. Inactive muscle can cause muscle stiffness as well.

Start with a simple cure. Take Ted's Alkalizing formula 3 times a day. Search for Ted's Alkalizing formula in EC.

Jog or walk for 15 minutes everyday.

Good Health.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Hkaren528,

For your immediate discomfort, raw unpastuerized apple cider vinegar, topically, may help (believe it or not! ) We have seen it help muscle trouble very quickly. You can put it on a cloth and apply it to the uncomfortable place, for a few minutes or even a few hours. Castor oil, topically, is another option. Peppermint essential oil is also a good short term solution to muscle discomfort.

I agree with Ed that alkalizing your body and walking or jogging daily are very important.

There are a number of remedies on the Muscle Ailment page here at Earth Clinic if you haven't seen that yet. I think the Coconut Oil and Blackstrap Molasses would be good places to start.


I would make sure your shoes are not aggravating your back.

If you are even a little dehydrated, your pain will be worse. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water (2 quarts) daily. (Coffee and soda don't count as they will likely aggravate your condition. ) Sugar also tends to increase pain.

Please let us know what helps you. I hope you are pain free soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Littlewing
(Ma, Usa)

If it is indeed muscle problems, I would highly suggest magnesium oil. It cured my frozen shoulder and I use for my lower back when it's in spasm, it's a lifesaver. Sometimes I apply coconut oil on top of it, they're a great combo. Arnica is good for muscle soreness as well. As long as you've been checked out and it's not something internal, like kidney issues, etc. Do you have a chiropractor you could go to? They could give you a better answer than a regular GP probably. Check out the muscle soreness page here on earth clinic, lots of info there.


Good luck.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello HKaren528

You have progressive right back lower muscle pain extending upward over time...

I like all the different suggestions but let me give you another possible one ... well two. If you have not had muscle pain around the body before and assuming your leg muscle strength demonstrates there is no MS or MD issue... My HUNCH is your pelvis is out. Low back right pelvis can emanate upward and pinch the dorsal nerves causing stiffness or spasms up the side of the back. Or if not the pelvis out, there may be some bulging or pinching in the dorsal and that could be causing the same. Stiffness can be a form of spasming. By spasming I don't necessarily mean contractions and release. A spasm can be simply a hardening or tightening.

Here's a test to see if perhaps the vertebrae sublaxation might be causing the muscle tightening.

Lie on your stomach. Have someone who has some upper body strength to press against your beltline (pelvis) with about forty pounds of pressure. As he pushes (basically holding the pelvis as firmly down as he can without pushing through you).... Put your hands under your shoulders and as if you were doing a push up, push gently letting the lower back (vertebrae) come upward while the pelvis is in place. That first push should be just five or six inches and then after staying in that up position and getting used to the pressure, again press upward another inch or two.

Let your helper hold and you hold that posture for fifteen seconds. Repeat if you can. It really feels great for a bad back that is pelvis related tilted to one side.

If you feel some real lower back pain in the pelvis as he is pushing and as you lift up, then it is likely that your problem is a vertebrae curvature/ pinching/spasm issue.

This exercise daily for a week, if you suspect that the lower back might be the cause, should bring substantial release of the muscle spasm within that week. You should not sit on "cushy" couches which cause you to slouch or in cars with little back support.

The point is: You may have this low back problem and never put together the spasm of back muscles but the two might be directly related.

Someone familiar with pressure point therapy could use pressure points to tell in five minutes if the two are related. If you are not familiar with pressure point therapy, the helper, while you are on floor face down, takes his finger and presses gently at first into the area from which pain seems to radiate. I am guessing that the stressed muscle on right back are sore but one place is far more sore than anywhere. Now find that spot, trace the pain, usually along a nerve line. Usually that pain traces to a rib and or vertebrae. Then the helper could press for 30 seconds at about ten pounds of pressure and let up. Repeat twenty minutes later and I've found that the intense pain has reduced by half. Upon finding the "source" you could apply any moisture application topically for further relief. Just discussed on Earth Clinic is the use of cabbage leaf! Or any oil that is known for its healing qualities could be rubbed into the tender area.

Now those were two physiological approaches rather than a nutritional one. (The two are not mutually exclusive, but the relation of back muscle to vertebrae and or rib dislocation and pelvis shift is very very very common.)

One last long shot.... You have a kidney stone. Really this is possible. Sometimes a ks will cause lower right or lower left numb like pain, as if a rib is out. And then instead of turning acute, continues to radiate and as it radiates the muscle is subject to spasm. My favorite remedy is glass of putrefied water with juice of half lemon. Do that twelve times in one day... Total 6 lemons. Repeat for 12 days. Stone should pass in five to ten days. I've gotten rid of four stones in past six years or so. Oh, brush teeth after each glass so citric acid won't harm your teeth.

Replied by Hkaren528
(Bridgeton, NJ)

Thank you for your response, Dave. I will try your suggestions and see what happens. This is why I love Earthclinic. I have used this site several times and it sure beats going to the Dr. unless you have to. Thanks again!!


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Posted by Diane (Rhode Island, US) on 08/15/2014

Try taking 1 tsp or 2 of yellow mustard for the knotted muscle, it helped mine.

Neck Issues

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Posted by Firas (Boynton Beach, US) on 12/25/2007

For the last 3 years nothing worked to fix my neck spasm. Reason of spasm, most probably, is a combination of stress and heavy physical activity. Tried Botox, muscle relaxant, tons of other injections, chiropractic, acupuncture, tons of other therapies but none worked. What helped are prayers and exercise and physical fixtures I invented by my self and sleeping on the side that my head tilt toward. Among the fixtures I invented are:

1. I used my pant belt to hold a pound or so of weight lifting disc and the other belt side was made round the diameter of my head. When placed on my head was back to normal position. This needs repetition for reprogramming your muscles. Also make sure your forehead blood not stagnating by frequently removing the belt, rubbing your affected area to re-circulate blood and put the belt back on head.

2. I used shower towel and pant belt. Twist the towel until tight, wrap it on your head and hold the lose two ends by hand then remove the towel while still twisted. Now use the pant belt to make a knot and hold the towel to diameter of your upper head. Push belt slightly inward and re-insert on top of your head. It worked like magic for me by removing some pain, fixing my head straight, and gave me feeling of more relaxed head.

3. Use olive oil or Emu oil to rub your neck 3 times a day.

4. Do lots of neck exercises, but need to consult your physician. Not all physicians will give you the proper exercise, some times you have to invent them or accidentally discover them on your own. I invented my own exercises that really worked like miracle for me.

Doctors will not give you the solution to this problem 99% of times, only 1% of times doctors "may" give you the cure. You must be your own doctor to solve your own problems.

Now if you want to publish my invention or mass produce it then remember that I published them here on Dec. 25, 2007. I also have been using them for over a year and saw good results. I hope that you will not be miss-guided by doctors, because it is painful to lose time and money in doctor's pockets without seeing any results my dentist (also did TMJ work for me but didn't work) was stunned when he saw the amazing results.

Replied by Erin

I can vouch for the emu oil. It works better than any other topical analgesic I've tried.


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Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles)

I take potassium supplements every so often because I do so much martial arts training and my muscles are often severely fatigued. I find I am less tired the day after an intense workout when I take a potassium supplement along with a Calcium/Magnesium/Phosphorous liquid combo. I also take potassium when I am sick as it dries up excess mucus in the body. I have low blood pressure to begin with so I have to be careful not to overdo the potassium supplementation! I can tell it lowers my blood pressure somewhat.

Pulled Muscle Remedies

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Posted by Bruce31s (New Orleans, La) on 09/07/2013

I'm 49, male, and white and over weight, I'm 5'9 and weigh 194 - 197.

The issue: I have a pulled muscle in my upper back. its located from my neck down to my lower back. Its primarily around my rib cage area. This was diagonsed by my doctor. Currently, its very sore. Also, my left shoulder blade is also affected, it acts like it sticks. I'm not sure how I got this one. I was having this before the August job.

How I got it? Probably overdid by picking up something I shouldn't have.

This job started on August 16. I moved 105 boxes, weighing between 40# - 50#. Then on the 17 - 18, working for pizza delivery, carried 2 - 3 big bags containing 12 pizzas to a roller skating rink. then on the 19, moved 25 more boxes. In this particular group, I think this is where I hurt myself unintentionally. I was loading the boxes on the cart, but I didn't loaded it properly as it was going to tip over when I turned the cart. So I had to unload the boxes from the cart and reload the boxes correctly. one of those boxes. Weighed roughly 80#. So, basically, I picked up this box 4 times.

To make matters worse, I got sick that week (I didn't realize that I was sick with a flu like sypmtoms). my back was bothering me alot, my being sick made this worse. my back pain masked my sickness. it wasn't until I had pain in my legs that I realized I was sick and had body pains consistent with being sick. I used asprin, allegra, Aleve & advil. Asprin & Allegra was used to fight off my sickness, it kept it at bay, but usually came back. It wasn't until I found a dayquill generic brand that had and forgot about. It took care of colds/flu. I alternated with allegra & this product and the flu-like symptoms were gone in 3 days. Aleve & advil were used to reduce the pain in my upper back while I was sick.

What I would like to know is there any treatment for dealing with a very sore pulled muscle in the upper back. Would seeing a chiropraction help?

Replied by Sp
(Wb, Nj)

I would think a chiropractor would help. Here is an exercise that is simple, gentle and helps me with all sorts of back/muscle pains. Especially the muscle tension I get at my shoulders.

Lie flat on your back, on the bed is okay, no pillow under your head. Put your arms straight out at your sides. (You're making a T.) Then bring your knees up and flop them over to one side and turn your head to the opposite side. Do some deep breathing. About 4 deep slow breaths in and out. Then bring your head and knees back to the center and swith them to their opposite sides. Again, deep breaths. Do this a few times.

Good luck.

Replied by Elaine

If you could find a good chiropractor, that may help.

Also, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar poured onto a cloth and covering the area with it (then cover with plastic and a towel) is also great for this type of thing. You could do this for an hour or two while watching TV or do this overnight. Try this daily for a week if needed.

Turmeric - 1/2 -1 t. twice a day is also a great anti-inflammatory and may help this, too.

Replied by Carly
(Wa, Usa)

I have had a bad upper back for years. Yes, the chiropractor can help. If you pull a muscle, and keep over using it you can send it into spasm, and just throw everything out of whack.

I also have a foam roller I use. They look like large foam "Water weenies" that kids use in pools, but the foam roller is much sturdier. You lay it on the floor and then roll on top of it.... It is excellent for self back massage. There are videos on the web showing how to use them. I love mine, it only cost around twenty dollars if I remember correctly.

Another thing, but much more expensive, is an inversion table. Cost anywhere from a couple hundred on up for a decent one.... Maybe a person could find one on Craigslist more cheaply though. They are excellent for stretching also. Again, more info on inversion tables online also. YouTube is usually a good source for videos.

And it goes without saying.... a decent massage therapist can do wonders if you have good insurance that will cover it.

I know how miserable a bad upper back / muscle spasm can be. I wish you very good luck in getting your back healthy again! :-)

Replied by Spencer

Inversion tables can be very expensive and many times you buy one without actually being able to try it out. When I was looking for an inversion table I read a lots of reviews as well as lot about inversion therapy and was able to find the table that was the best fit for me.

Replied by Marsh

This post is a few years old but I was in a yoga class where the instructor had us in a deep cow type stretch. She pushed 'gently' downward on my back and there it went. Could hardly walk or sit, lower back muscles cinching. At time it felt like my legs were giving out and had to borrow a friend's cane for support. Found a wonderful chiropractor who didn't perform the usual manipulations but gentle stretches, drop table and the activator. In 2 treatments, I'm 95% better. It took 3 days to get on his schedule but in the meantime I applied DMSO (2/3 DMSO:1/3 distilled water) and it was a lifesaver. Since, it's also helped in our household with a tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, arthritic knee.

Puncture Wound

Posted by Ss (Wilson, Nc/usa) on 12/03/2011

My husband shot a finish nail (no head on nail) from a nail gun into the muscle of his leg. The xray shows that the nail is an inch or so embedded in the muscle. We would like to avoid surgery. Any suggestions on how to get it to work its way out? The entry hole is very small about the size of a pencil point Thanks. Really like this site.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Why not have that simple surgery and have that nail removed ? Leaving the nail embedded could lead to a dangerous infection. I have had pieces of metal embedded in me for different reasons. Get the nail removed. Do not play around with this. It sounds like the sort of injury that could be easily dealt with in a doctors office without the need for hospitalization. How about a little common sense here....Oscar

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
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Ss, if you could find a magnet powerful enough it would pull that nail directly out. A warms sea salt pack would help if neccessary.

Replied by M
(Nyc, Ny)

I once had a toothpick go through my sock and broke off inside the bottom of my foot as I stepped down on it. Swelling/pain/had to walk on my toes of that foot.... Nothing to grab onto to get it out. I went to a doctor, afraid that he was going to slice my foot open. He said, either your body will accept it or reject it. After working on it for a few days... Gently sqeezing the swollen area... it popped out and healed fine.

Replied by Heather

Try bentonite clay.

Replied by Lisa

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