Natural Remedies for Managing Multiple Myeloma

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok) on 11/06/2012
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Multiple myeloma is a condition in which selenium deficiency tops the list, the other is to limit the spread with lysine. Selenium yeast is taken at 200 mcg x 3 times a day. Lysine is taken at 1000 mg x 8 times a day, preferably at night. Dietary restriction is a must, no food intake before 12 noon and after 6. Without grapes or fruits of any kind, fructose found in fruits makes cancer spread within 2 hours of consumption. The body has no direct means of controlling fructose as it does for glucose, so they harm you.

Blood sugar control in multiple myeloma is an absolute must, the person will have trouble normalizing it. N acetylcysteine 500 mg taken at least 5 times a day will help.

The reason why a lot of cancer exists is false information regarding fruit, honey, and vegetarian diets. If you can find the supplements, chymotrypsin, papain, and trypsin will directly help multiple myeloma by digesting them.

These are quick to do and help. It takes 3 days for secondary cancer or metastatic cancer to be normalized if done right. Vitamin D3 10,000 to 20,000 IU a day also helps the multiple myeloma.