Natural Remedies for Managing Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Ron (VA) on 02/20/2018
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I was diagnosed about a year ago. I have had 3 blood tests in that time and all show a very low ratio "bad" m protein components to good which means I don't need the awful allopathic treatment. I think the good supplements/diet likely made the difference.

My myeloma protocol is as follows in rough order of importance:

curcumin, 500mg/day;
berberine, 400mg/day;
boswelia extract, 250mg/day;
quercetin, 500mg/day;
genisten, 125mg/day;
Wobenzyme, 4 tabs/day;
lysine, 6-500mg/day;
strontium citrate, 350 mg/day;
flaxseed oil, 1400mg/day; c
o q 10,100 mg/day.

I also add digestive enzymes after meals. The diet needs to focus on several vegetables like kale, spinach, bitter melon, carrots, beets etc and whole grains and organic sources of protein if possible.

There is much more but this is a good place to start. The key is to find ways to take the supplements that work well with your own body's condition and ability to adapt to them. Try one or two for a week, making note of what meal or time of day works best. Then add more. Much high quality water very important as well.

Best of luck.