Cure a Mouth Infection

Fresh Ginger and Garlic
Posted by Susan (USA) on 06/24/2007

Re Fresh ginger and garlic: At dinner recently, eating a whole roasted fish, a small bone pierced the back of my mouth, above the throat. The next day I ahd a very sore throat on one side. It grew worse and my ear on the same side started to ache, as well as my scalp. I associated it with the fishbone... I was afraid that I had picked up an infection from the bone (and of course I'd Googled this possibility, too!). Not having the time to find a dcotor and have antibiotics prescribed,I started dosing myself with two thin slices of raw ginger every two hours. I also choppped fresh garlic and put salt on it to draw out the juice, then dabbed the juice directly on the little wound in my mouth. Within 16 hours the pain was gone, and the little red spot at the back of my throat has now disappeared (two days later). It could be coincidence, but I'm pretty convinced that the fresh, raw ginger and garlic with their antibiotic properties cured me.