Mouth Acid Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by N Golam (Cherry Hill, NJ) on 12/24/2007
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re: Apple Cider Vinegar Dose. About tongue and mouth acid issues! Two tablespoons [ACV] and baking soda!!!! It doesn't work that way... Ted thinks that because the human body works best in a slightly alkaline condition then his food should also be alkaline. In fact this is patently false. Some foods actually alkalize the body when consumed in their naturally acidic form. ACV is one such food. A little research on this subject would quickly settle this issue for you. His main problem is dosage. Some people think 'more is better' but in this case it is not true. The correct dose is one teaspoon per cup! So forget the baking soda, its proper use is to make baked goods lighter.