Miliaria - Prickly Heat Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (Delcambre, Louisiana) on 04/17/2018
5 out of 5 stars

So I started getting miliaria (heat rash) when I was about 17 and it was horrible! I was cooped into the house for so long... I took calonine to get rid of it some but no one would be able to figure out what it was so I had to find it on my own and when I found it it made all sense!

So I still delt with it for awhile and I thought of apple cider vinegar being a cure all so I decided to take a bath with it and soak in it for about 20 mins in warm water (sounds bad but it worked) and I did that for about a few week and then up until now because I quit taking a bath with it and it came back. But when it starts coming back I go and take a bath with the apple cider vinegar and I'm back to normal again!

Try it! It works!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stephanie (New Braunfels, Texas) on 06/08/2012
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I tried most all of the Internet remedies for heat rash and thought I'd go insane with the itching. I have been plagued with this for 3 summers which makes living in South Texas no picnic or day at the beach! I have found much relief from making a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water mix. I put it in a spray bottle and use it as an "after bath splash". I also diligently scrub the area and dry thoroughly but I think the Apple Cider Vinegar is the key. I suspect it is fungal in origin and that the Apple Cider Vinegar has remedied this. Blessed relief!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by R (Brooklyn, Ny) on 04/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

ACV for Miliaria (Prickly Heat)

This is completely embarrassing. I'm a woman with large breasts and, unfortunately, I gained weight that I'm now working off.

One day I was in the shower and noticed that the skin under my breast was very itchy. I looked and noticed it was a rash. I'd never had anything like it and, a few days later, realized it was prickly heat because of my heavy breasts. I then looked at pics of prickly heat cases and pretty much my skin looked just like it. :(

I read that apple cider vinegar might help. (It helps with so many ailments that I figured why not try it?) However, I knew my skin was tender, so I watered it down with about 50% water. I got a cotton ball and applied it to the skin under my breasts. There was a little stinging but the itching went away. I treated my skin consistently for a day. Then I went to the gym. I brought some cotton balls soaked in 100% ACV with me and used them after I showered. I've decided that I'll probably be a risk for this until I loose the weight that I need to loose.

Now I apply a little ACV after my showers. I even put a little ACV under my breasts before working out. That might be a bit excessive, but I want to avoid this from happening again. It's just not a good feeling. Also, before getting dressed, I follow up with baby powder to soak up any sweat.

Embarrassing to have prickly heat there, but I have it and ACV has saved me again.