Macular Degeneration Remedies

Posted by Fernando (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) on 01/23/2008
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Macular Degeneration Reversed!!

Hi everyone, My grandmother is 71years old and has had The dry type of Macular Degeneration for over 5 years, every year it got worse. The dotors told her there was nothing that could be done, basically sending her home to go blind. So I decided to do a ton of research on the subject. I read a bunch of books and many studies on the net of how people have stop and in most causes reversed MD and other common eye dieseses. I also purchased Dr. Lorraine Days CD on MD. All my research basically said the same thing. High intake of dark green vegtables(spinach, broccalie,kale,ect) and orange coloured veggies(carrots, can remember the others) are high vitamins that are vital to eye repair and maintenance. Knowing that my grandmother wasnt going to change her diet dramatically, I opted to get her high doses of the same suppliments found in those foods. This is what I got her to take daily.

1.Lutien and ZEAXANTHIN .........Highest doses available
2.selenium.......................Highest doese available
3.Vitamine C.....................Highest does possible(up to 4000mg, youll know ur taking to much if you get diarria)
4. Beta-Carotene.................Highest doses available
5.Zinc...........................Highest doses availble
6.Vitamine E.....................Highest doses available

My grandmother took this everyday for 4-6months, and last week she went back for her normall eye checkup to see her progress, and sure enough, not only did the macular degeneration stop but her eye sight has improved, and they said that her lense wasnt thinning but instead was getting thicker(Im not sure if they said the lense or the retina, or something else, I apoligize) This was only after 4-6 months of use. So needless to say we are all very Happy and excited, and I have proved to myself that the body can heal itself when given the right tools, that less than what I can say for the doctors that told her there was nothing she could do. PLEASE TRY THIS IT REALLY WORKS, Im not a doctor, but Ive done alot of research on the subject. Please just double check with your doctor or nutricenist about these vitamins before taking them in HIGH DOSES. I want to pass this on so others can help themselfs when no one else seems to be able to. Fern

Update to this, it has now been two years, and two more check ups, and every year her eyesight continues to improve. IT IS ACTUALLY REVERSING!!!