Lymphoma Remedies

| Modified on Apr 01, 2024

Natural treatment of lymphoma hinges on treating the whole person not just the disease and includes lifestyle changes as well as natural supplements. Making necessary changes to the diet and lifestyle delivers detoxifying results, eradicating the body of cancer-causing toxins. Natural supplements fortify the immune system and bolster health to destroy and reduce unhealthy cancer cells.

What is Lymphoma?

A cancer of the lymphatic system, lymphoma attacks the disease-fighting center and network of the body. The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland and bone marrow. Once cancer has entered one part of the lymphatic system, it can spread to all of the other areas through this network.

Common risk factors include age, gender, exposure to chemicals including benzene, radiation, immunodeficiency, and certain infections. Symptoms often vary, but lymphoma typically begins as a swelling in the neck, underarm or groin. Additional symptoms may include enlarged lymph nodes, swelling in the arms and legs, numbness of the extremities, fever, chills, unexplained weight loss, sweating, lethargy and itching.

Lifestyle Remedies for Cancer of the Lymphatic System

Adapting one’s lifestyle to fight cancer is one of the most effective treatment options. Making dietary changes such as eliminating sugar from the diet as sugar feeds cancer and eating whole foods slows and can even reverse the progression of cancer. Likewise, taking probiotics or eating fermented food such as kefir and sauerkraut eliminates toxins in the body and boosts the immune system, which also cleanses the lymphatic system.

Natural Supplements for Treating Lymphatic Cancer

Natural supplements also serve as an important defense mechanism against cancer. Iodine, artemisinin and green tea extract are three of the most beneficial natural supplements for debilitating cancer of the lymph system. These supplements support immune health while fighting cancer cells to offer recovery from the disease.


Iodine is a natural chemical element that the body needs for normal functioning. The natural composition of iodine attacks the cancer cells while preserving healthy cells, making it a particularly effective treatment option.


An extract of a Chinese herb, artemisinin aggressively fights cancer. Much like an oxygen treatment, artemisinin works to break down cancer particles and destroy the “parasite” in the body. The treatment is more effective and less invasive than most modern treatment options and maintains healthy cells intact.

Green Tea Extract

Derived from the leaves of the Camellia sensis plant, green tea extract is extremely high in polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. The most important polyphenols in green tea are called catechin and appear to destroy cancer cells, making it an effective option for treating lymphoma.

Appropriate treatment of cancer should be guided by a medical professional; however, many natural treatment options offer extensive results for treating lymphoma. Dietary changes paired with the right natural supplements can eliminate even progressive stages of cancer.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Neville (England) on 04/16/2020

Hello, Anyone beaten SLL naturally? (Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma). I've been raw food for 4 years and still see progression (100 nodes raised). I do meditation, rebounding, affirmations, all sorts. So far nothing has receded the lymph nodes.. Initial diag was CLL, then SLL. Thank you.

Replied by M

To Neville with SSL: You might check out Herb Healers. They have many alternative protocols for cancer.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Donnalee (Tacna, Peru) on 12/16/2013

My friend came over to Tacna from Arika, Chile to try to get help for her lymphoma. She does not want chemotherapy and is looking for alternatives. She is eating papaya, pineapple, mango and rice integral and integral bread. No meats or fish. She is taking steam baths every day and drinking water or juice. What else can she do for her lymphoma that is natural?

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Donnalee: Make water kefir from 30g sprouted flour and 30g organic whole cane sugar per quart. Make green smoothies from organic baby leaves. Watch raw food for cancer videos and take the superfoods.

Replied by Prioris

Here are a few links to start looking at,

Ketogenic diets

Interesting thing about cancer is that sugar feeds it so the diet changes where the cells get their energy from.

Hydrogen Peroxide protocol - cancer cells do not like oxygen

Enzyme treatments for cancer

It's a good thing that she hasn't done any chemo / radiation / surgery. Many people go to alternative only after they have failed with conventional so alternative treatments have far less chance of working.

Replied by Mt
(Ottawa, Ontario)

She may try dandelion root tea.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Donnalee...Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective protocols against cancer is by supplementing artemisisin which is a chemical derived from the Wormwood or Mugwort plant(Artemesia annua). So far in some remarkable research, artemisinin has proved to be very effective against 55 cancer cell lines. It is also one of the cheapest anti-cancer protocols there is.

In some astonishing research that I've recently read on artemisinin, it was found that taking artemisinin alone against one instance of breast cancer caused the breast cancer to shrink by 28% within 16 hours. When the protocol was further reinforced by taking ordinary iron supplement tablets as well, there was 98% percent remission of the breast cancer. In another piece of research, a person who had leukemia and who also took the artemisinin/iron supplement protocol had 100% remission within 8 hours. What's more artemisinin has no side-effects. Artemisinin is safe because it has already been passed by the FDA for use against malaria.

The normal dosage against both cancer and malaria is 600 mgs artemisinin twice a day outside mealtimes taken together with ordinary iron supplements.

Now to the reasons why the artemisinin/iron supplement protocol is so effective against so many cancers -- including lymphoma, brain cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanomas. lung cancer etc. Not only do all forms of cancer love glucose -- all cancer cells also love iron. The demand for iron by cancer cells is up to 15 times more than the iron demand in healthy host cells. When the artemisinin gets inside the cancer cell, it reacts with the iron and gives up its peroxide molecule which becomes a highly reactive oxygen species or dangerous free radical within the cancer cell. So, if there is enough iron in the cancer cell and since cancer cells completely lack anti-oxidants like SOD and catalase to quench these free radicals, these free radicals end up ravaging and only destroying the cancer cells very quickly. Ordinary healthy host cells do not get destroyed because they contain far less iron and they also have catalase and SOD to protect them against any free radical damage.

The good thing about this artemisinin protocol is that it has already passed all safety requirements of the FDA and it is also an unpatented medicine(it is not a chemcal synthetic nutrient) that is also being used with great success against malaria (another iron loving blood parasite). That's why you can buy artemisinin on so easily without problems.

There is only one drawback with the artemisinin protocol, For some reason, as yet undetermined from research, after a short while on this protocol the absorption of artemisinin from the intestines into the blood reduces to only 30% absorption of oral artemisinin. The reason for this is unkown. But if you have a rest from this protocol -- for only about three days -- and then restart the protocol, the absorption goes back to normal. So it is perhaps best to take this artemisinin protocol for 10 days on the protocol with three days off on a continual basis for best absorption.

I also found out that DMSO will dissolve artemisinin. So the direct transdermal absorption route is perhaps another possible way of taking the artemisinin which avoids the strange absorption problem in the intestines. By the way, I am certainly not advising or advocating that you try the artemisinin protocol with DMSO. I'm just thinking out loud.

Someone is also bound to ask if plain old Wormwood extract can be used instead of artemisinin against cancer. The answer to that is no -- the plant extract only contains 0.3% to 0.5% artemisinin which is not nearly enough to kill the cancer. You need 600 mgs of 100% artemisinin taken twice a day with iron supplements for it to be effective against cancer.

Artemisinin is also useful against parasites, fungus(like candida) and certain bacteria.

You can find out more on the artemisinin protocol against cancer simply by typing "artemisinin cancer" in Google Search.


Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb -- Len Saputo, MD

Artemisisin Article --

Artemisinin Induces Apoptosis in Human Cancer Cells(Lai, Singh et al)

Artemisinin: From Malaria to Cancer Treatment -- Townsend Letter

To EC: I think it might be useful to start an Artemisinin page on EC as this protocol is now becoming a recognized alternative anti-cancer protocol through research.

(Pretoria, South Africa)

Hi Bill,

I found your treatment for cancer using Artemisinin and iron supplementation made so much sense.

I'd like to suggest the addition of an amount of Artemisia ( not sure of dosage, will have to experiment) to be added to the Artemisinin and Iron Protokol as Artemisia improves the bioavailability of Artemisinin therapeutic efficacy. They work synergistically together and will approve absorption of the Artemisinin so you probably won't get the reduced absorption rate, or at least extend the time of efficiency.

Replied by Jenny
(Milton Pennsylvania)

I was hoping to get more information regarding all the supplements and some advice. My father is 65 and was recently told had large B cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, at first we were told it was low grade (not bad) and then over the past month and half he has been in and out of the hospital for congestive heart failure (severe fluid retention) due to his kidneys liver etc. not functioning properly and we were told that is was due to his cancer. Now yesterday after being discharged the hematologist told us that he was unable to get any kind of treatment for his cancer due to his current condition and that basically the cancer is going to spread and eventually (sooner than later) take him. My question is this, he is already on a strict diet (with the exception of no sugar which is going to be added to his strict diet after reading this) and he is anemic, has anyone had any success or information on what we can do that is natural that help to keep him around longer and to help slow the cancer? any information would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible!

james maloney

Research "iodine kills cancer - google docs" Not only does iodine kills cancer by apoptosis, you will need to raise the ph level in the blood to over 7.2 - to 8.0. Selenium and some specific vitamins will need to be supplemented. It's all explained on that website. I've been taking iodine and the supplements for two years now, I'm 68, and had back surgery in June, it turned out great, but I took the compression socks off after a week. Big mistake, had a mild stroke in July. While in the hospital the doc ordered an MRI, CT scan, Sonogram of heart and carotid arteries, heart monitor to check for arrhythmia. Two of my three main food groups consist of bacon, and to my surprise, all of my arteries were clear. It's been two months since the stroke from a wayward blood clot from the surgery, and I'm doing great. Drove myself home from the hospital after one day. Read as much as you can about iodine and supplements. Your dad is too young to become a statistic. James Maloney

Replied by Ryan

Lymph massage will be the treatment for most people.

Extract of Green Tea

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Posted by Marisol (New York City, Ny) on 08/19/2013

An extract of green tea with EGCG appears to keep cancer in check in majority of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients.

69 percent of patients with enlarged lymph nodes saw a reduction of node size of 50 percent or greater.

The article is at website:

High Dose D3, K2, Magnesium

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Posted by James Taylor (Oregon) on 09/17/2021

In reply to Jenny from Milton, PA from 2014, whose father has lymphoma:

Start with 50,000 IU a day of Vitamin D3, plus MK4 K2 take 1 K2 per 10,000 IU d3 and take magnesium.

I take 20,000 IU, 2 K2, and 200 mg magnesium each day. My D3 level is 164. Vitamin d3 cures most cancers, here are some testimonials about cures with d3

It's most important that you have your Vitamin D level tested before starting most people are deficient at level 20's. The optimum test range is 40-60 but 100-120 is best to stop most diseases and higher if you have kidney disease or cancer.

I have stage 4 kidney disease, my GFR was 20 but I have raised it to 27, the normal level is more than 60 or higher. Try this. Vitamins don't kill people. Check with CDC for this statistic. Go to Vitamin D Wiki for more info about d3.

Replied by ORH

JAMES, ORH here and I know folks may scoff at your post, but you are right on. Vit D is a hormone, and not a vitamin. The more, the better.


Joe A.
(Stockton, Ca)
73 posts

Hey, I want to join the argument about Vitamin (see it says vitamin D) - it may be classified as a vitamin but it is “ALSO” acts as a Hormone in the body regulating the calcium & phosphorus levels of our blood.

iI it wasn't a Vitamin, it would just be called D.

Replied by Desiree
(Ulverstone Tasmania)

What do you mean by 2 K2? How many mg is that?

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Jerry (Kennewick, Wa) on 09/02/2010

I was diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma 11/2/09 I'm 47 yrs old. The dr, cut me open and took my lower organs out in hope to cut out a 6. 5x5.6 mass. I woke up from the surgery and he stood over my bed and told my sorry can't help you, your to full of cancer and I would have to remove your intestines, bowls ECT. So I then started taking Chemo five bags every three weeks. Never again! The cancer shrunk to a 3.5cm x 2. 4cm. THE Dr said the chemo didn't remove the cancer any more then this. So I learned about H202, also high doses of coral calcium and vitamin D.

In May this year they said I still had 10% in my bone. Started this regimen and had blood test weekly my white blood cells went from 1.7 to 2.7 the first week, by week four all of my blood work was normal. August 11th they did a PET scan no signs of cancer in my bone or the body. White blood cells 9-1-2010 6.3. The range is 4-11. Since I have taken the H202, I have not had a cold or any sickness.

20 drops in water 2 times a day.

Replied by Madelyn

Amazing Jerry! Are you taking 3% or 35% or another strength hydrogen peroxide?

Replied by Gale

What percent food grade peroxide? What brand of coral calcium & D?

Replied by Gale

My 30 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma...the lymphoma is around her upper chest & neck.

Replied by Gale

What coral calcium & D did you use? And what dosage?

Replied by Gale

What H2O2 used? 3,12 or higher %?

Replied by noel

i would probably only use 1 drop of the 35% food grade.

it is rumored the 3% has additives not safe for consumption

Replied by Xanadu

Your saying use one drop of 35% hydrogen peroxide could harm someone badly. You must water it down greatly before ingesting it and go online and find an authoritative source as to how much it should be diluted to be safe.


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Posted by Mia (Vancouver, British Columbia ) on 11/22/2009

In late July 2009 @ age 64 I began generously & daily painting my nine lymph nodes with iodine soaked qtip in all four quadrants of my body, covering them with 7% iodine as an experimental treatment for newly diagnosed Stage III non-Hodgkins lymphoma (indolent) & the enlarged lymph nodes that go with the territory.

I have had NO orthodox cancer treatment, NO invasive diagnosis, just blood tests & ultrasound, no enlarged liver or spleen. Flow cytometry determined the genetic markers for the type of cancer. ALL nodes, regardless of the original size, have shrunk by approximately 3/4 of each original size in a four month period. All have stopped feeling "rooted" and are now moveable. I really like thinking of cancer as an infection that is beatable.

This lymph node reversal & shrinkage seems to fit with certain iodine 4 health innovative theories I found out there, particularly about the suspected fungal/viral/bacterial nature of cancer. The oncologist is mute, albeit professionally noncommittal, but clearly stumped. Alternative TCM doc is delighted, fascinated. About to get updated blood panel done. Will keep anyone interested posted.

P.S. Admittedly, much more recently "raw family" type green smoothies, Fl-essence anti cancer tea, became part of this program, along with daily ACV, mega green tea caps, selenium, Vit E, & multi enzymes, like serrapeptase, etc., plus rebounder, all said to assist cancer cell death. However, node shrinkage was radical before I did much else. I feel & look better than I have in MANY years. ENERGY TO SPARE.

Replied by Jan
(Orlando, Fl)

Mia, thank you for sharing the iodine info. I'm 53 and recently diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma and have symptoms that it's likely advanced; have appt. with oncologist for staging, however postponed it for a few weeks to get a 'leg up' using Hallelujah Acres recovery diet (juicing) as well as supplements recommended by our family's Dr. of Nutrition. Those include Flor Essence, a green tea extract formula, AHCC, Lysine & Vit C powder mix, oil of oregano, Vit D3..... I'm adding melatonin today. Have been using this protocol for 5 weeks and am encouraged and thankful to be feeling stronger. I hope that you are doing well and would love to know of any results you may have experienced with various natural therapies.

Replied by Lon
(Stanhope, Nj)

What is AHCC?

Replied by Lis
(Ny, Ny, Usa)

AHCC = Active Hexose Correlated Compound (a compound from medicinal mushrooms like the Japanese shiitake mushroom).

For more info:


Replied by Glennb
(San Francisco)

I would like to know more about the Lugol's Iodine treatment. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) four years ago, A lymph node in my groin had swollen up to the size of a lemon. I did not want to do chemo & radiation, did some research and discovered DCA (sodium dichloretic acid).

I have been symptom free until very recently and now have a second swollen lymph node that is scheduled for biopsy very soon. I have already started back on the DCA (go to the DCA page to find out more). I also have recently tested for Vit D levels and discovered mine were quite low, so I am also supplementing with that. I am also looking into starting the Gerson therapy which has successfully cured many cases of cancer.

Another worth while direction to investigate is Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Clinic in Texas. He has had results equal to or better than traditional chemo and radiation using his non-toxic approach (angioplastins, also gene therapy).

Replied by Patrice
(Floral Park Ny)

Please help I might have lymphoma. How do I use the iodine?

Replied by Will
(Cooper, Texas)

Have non-hodgkins lymphoma stage IV, bone marrow, B-Cell. See an Oncologist but no port and no chemotherapy and never will. Diagnosed 2010. Your post several years ago. How are you doing now. Have you changed your non traditional therapies any since posting??

Replied by Terri

Would love to hear any update of your lymphoma. A dear friend has been diagnosed with the same. Would you recommend 2% iodine?

Juice Flush

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Posted by Anonymous (Lansing, Mi) on 10/10/2009

A family member had lymphoma and tried raw food diets. He followed Dr. Schultz's (out of California) remedies and flushed for 30 day periods. All raw, all juiced. If you aren't digesting, then your body is healing. You can get all the nutients from foods without digesting when you have juice.

He has been in remission for almost 10 years. He wanted to know why this worked. He found out that cancer needs salt and protein to thrive. This process takes the body away from salt and protein for periods long enough for cancer to dissolve. You can get just enough protein from green food (spirulina with barley and wheat grasses).

Low Dose Naltrexone

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Posted by Buddyl1950 (Powell, Oh, Usa) on 01/24/2011

I just found this Website and it is a blessing! 3 years ago in March 2008, I was diagnosed with Low Grade B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma along with Waldenstrom's Syndrome. Waldenstrom's has to do with the thickening or viscosity of the blood. That is the bad part, the good part is that my lymphoma is inactive and has never transformed. They found it in my bone marrow after a biopsy of a lesion on my back.

I take supplements to strengthen my immune system PLUS Low Dose Naltrexone. LDN was prescribed by a D.O. in Miami FL. You can read more about it here:

One last thing and perhaps the most important... If you have cancer, it is NOT a death sentence! There is ALWAYS hope! I go to The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL every 6 months for blood work and either a CT Scan or PET Scan. It is a great place where they treat the mind, spirit and body! God Bless You All! Bud Lindley

Replied by Sonja

My brother has Waldenstrom's for 10 years now. Will iodine help?

Replied by Jerry

I have Waldensrom's for several years now. Went thru chemo. Terrible. Do not do chemo, or PET scans This stuff will kill you. I'm investigating new natural treatment. I need to get off Ibrutinib.

Lymphoma and Mite Connection

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 07/01/2013

No health problems lately except still getting older than dirt. I did want to pass on what our daughter learned from the top Pharmacitical guy in the medical firm she works for as relates to my saga with Lymphoma and mites. He told her that his father just passed away with Lymphoma that was treated the traditional way and he too had mites. He related that it has only been in the last 5 years that they are learning that T cell Lymphoma is associated with mites. My, my, Ole Hulda Clark tried to tell the world for many years that parasites are the root cause of all disease. Now such folks as John's Hopkins and the U of Calif @ Irvine are begining to take notice to these "Quacks" of old.

I wanted to buy a "foe wheeler" for our little hobby farm this year, but instead I bought the modern version of Royal Rife's Machine. Hey, good people, I saved $3,000 bucks. The foe wheeler cost $ 8,000 and the Rife Machine only cost $5,000. Now, my problem is to learn how to use it soes I go out for natural causes. As you age, your DNA Telomeres keep getting shorter and shorter. Soon you are not able to produce new cells to replace the ones that are dying. Then you die of old age. Nobody dies of old age these days. They die of cancer, heart attack or pneumonia or some such stuff that our medical folks could cure if they really wanted to. The money is in the treatment.


ATS ========ROBERT HENRY======

Mantle Cell Lymphoma Remedies

Posted by Vinita (Kolkata, India) on 11/05/2013

My mother was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in leukemic stage in 2008. She was advised wait and watch because cancer appeared indolent. Last five years she was on Budwig, ayurved and homeopathy medicines and was doing well. her counts had improved and spleen size had reduced. Current reports have worsened considerably and doctors are advising chemotherapy. Please, can someone suggest natural treatment options to control this. Current cause of worry - enlarged spleen of 30 cms. low Hb, low platelets, weakness and loss of appetite. Any advice is welcome.

Replied by Mary

Why dont you check out "healing with turpentine" on you tube. it is quite amazing. Maybe also read what Walter Last has to say about Turpentine and Kerosene. Both very old remedies. There is now a turp section here on EC. Helpful. Bill Luzon also weighs in on it. I would read everything he has to say it is insightful as always.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Vinita,

I am sorry that your mother's condition has gotten worse. She is blessed to have you watching out for her!

You said that any advice is welcome. I wish I knew more to help you but will pass on a couple of thoughts.

Papaya Leaf has been known to help increase platelet count. Herbalist Rachel Weaver reports it helping increase platelets when the low count was cause by Dengue Fever. You could try a tea or an extract of papaya leaf. It is pretty bitter, though for a tea and might not be palatable for someone whose appetite isn't great.

If you are able to juice fresh carrots for your mother, that would be a high nutrient food for her. (When someone's appetite is poor, every calorie has to count! ) There have been some recents posts here about carrot juice even curing cancer. (Using upward of 5 cups a day! )

God bless you as you care for your mother!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
185 posts

Hi Vinita,

Yes, what Mama to Many says that papya leaf tea is not tasty, is right but if you pound and take juice of the papaya leaves it is quite palatable, even if she takes a tea spoon three times a day the results will be good, the taste will not linger around for long time. But, other alternate is asparagus, you cane make soup of asparagus and give it her for increasing the platelets. Also spinich is good for Hb. You can try carrots, beet root, and apple, for juice with a small piece of ginger and juice of fresh lemon. This will improve her taste and give her energy and help her in her appetite. How is her water in take, in her drinking water you can add some drops of fresh lemon juice.

Good luck, Baldev

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 04/16/2020

A friend had hodgkins lymphoma that started with sweat (abundant), temperatures about 38.5, and chills all the time. He became a raw vegetarian for about one month (big greens in the shaker with carrot juice, spinach, kale, algae, whatever he could shake in it, plus powdered vitamin C and lots of lime.

He was doing ok but the family pressure for him to take chemo was big. He took IV chemo (no direct to the heart).

He would buy a vibrating base for him to clear the ganglia and would do 20 minutes daily.

When he started feeling nausea from chemo, he would make coffee enemas (one and then another one) (he would wait 12 hours after chemo).

He would make a bicarbonate solution of 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate and 2 limes in a glass of water and drink it every morning before the green shake ..

During the chemo session he would eat very well.. By then he would eat sardines, tuna or salads he would put voltaren over the arms for the pain of the iv's. He would eat lots of papaya and started eating fish meat or regular no junk food (industrial made food).

He bought a baby powdered formula enfamill that has very absorbable nutrients plus hydrolized collagen and mixed it together with vitamin C and drink it every day. Plus he went to walk and swim almost every day….

Now he is completely cured after 8 nightmare months..and I mean COMPLETELY CURED…


Stop Wearing Tight Underwear and Bras

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Posted by M. Boyle (Birmingham, AL) on 02/07/2007

During the fall of 2005 I was put on a series of antibiotics for a period of 4 months treating a throat and gland problem. My Dr. referred me to a Nose Throat ear specialist. Test were done and this time I was diagnosed with Mono(from a patient I treated) Again more antibiotics I got worse night fevers swelling then the knots came. I was then diagnosed with Lymphoma. Yes, the antibiotics played a big part, but there were other factors. One- tight wired bras were cutting the lymph tubes where the toxins could not flow. Also wearing bras to bed and wearing under panties with elastic bands around the waste and groin area which also cut lymph tubes. Ladies, get out of the tight under garments. This is a big factor in breast cancer because the toxins stop at the breast area when the lymph tubes are squeezed tight and cannot flow and remove the toxins.

Replied by Kim
(San Antonio, Tx)

From what I remember, chlorophyll cleaneses the blood. It can be found in pure form or in a wheat grass blend. It is also easily converted into hemoglobin, which is needed for a strong immune system. I hope this helps...

T Cell Lymphoma Remedies

Posted by Elaine (Ventura ca) on 06/15/2022

What do you do for T-cell lymphoma? Thank you.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 07/24/2010

Hi Everyone. . . As promised, here is a further update on my friend's cancer and what we are doing about it. There has been much confusion by the doctors on how it started -- But I believe that it wasn't lymphoma but was originally a bone cancer that started on his backbone and spread to his lymph glands causing secondary lymphoma cancer. After he had had a few 'expensive' X-ray pictures taken of his body and further radiation therapy, my friend was simply given aspirin and Panadol and sent on his way home by the doctor's in Hong Kong. Such Hippocratic dedication is truly disappointing. It is notable, regarding cancer and metastasis, that the medical fraternity has nothing whatsoever in its meager medical arsenal that can defeat any cancer once it has metastased and spread virally. The exact figures(which took some finding believe me) for cancers being cured 5 years after metastasis and even after remission are about 2-3%. They simply have no drugs or procedures that can cope with cancer metastasis. Other symptoms that I also had to take careful account of were my cancer friend's other problems. The doctor's told him that he had had about ten tiny heart attacks or strokes in his head, causing loss of feeling, drooping, loss of motor use on one side of his body for short periods. I have incorporated certain other things into the therapy to help his heart -- not least being the megadose Lysine/Vitamin C which, according to Linus Pauling's exact same therapy, should clear his heart problems gently but quickly over time. Also, one of the side-effects of the Panadol has been constipation. Anyway, the purpose of this post is simply to broadcast exactly what I'm doing to help stop and defeat these post-metastased cancers(4 of them, on his ribs, near the backbone) in my friend's body. I have to admit that my friend with cancer was unable to purchase either Azoxystrobin or BHT in Hong kong, so I had to adapt, relying now only on high dose Lysine, Vitamin C(Ascorbate form) and Protease Enzymes for the main assault on the cancer and Essiac tablets which provide the Tannic Acid to decloak the cancer, halt cancer growth, prevent angiogenesis etc. To this effect, and to help other people, I have written up a daily protocol(which my cancer friend is following now) in simple table format and I have put it in a shared folder on Google Docs that anyone can have a look at. Here is the link:

Bill's Daily Cancer Protocol Schedule

And just to be clear, ALL the protocols that I use in this therapy are based on Ted from Bangkok's protocols. I must also add a huge thanks to Ted from Bangkok who has so generously and patiently answered every question that I have asked him through emails. The only deviation from his therapy is the Essiac tablets -- since I couldn't get the Tannic Acid -- so Ellagic acid will have to do. I will only have 3 weeks before my friend goes back to the expensive Hong Kong doctors, so this is why the protocol I've used is quite aggressive. After we discussed the protocol last Friday, my cancer friend started just the Lysine and Vitamin C megadoses yesterday and today he is laid up in bed with a slight fever, which I am happy about -- this means his immune system now actually sees and is fighting the cancer. His liver seems to be coping well because he still has a healthy appetite. But I am prepared to give protease enzymes, hydrochloric acid drops and Vitamin B100 if his appetite begins to slide. The Daily Protocol that my friend is using will change once he comes out of the Herx or cancer die-off reaction. I will be further increasing both the Lysine and Protease Enzyme doses, which is necessary to particularly defeat bone cancer. If anyone wants to know more about this daily protocol schedule, I'll be glad to answer any questions on this ongoing remedy on EC, since this is all about passing on knowledge after all. I have also decided to keep a daily journal of all symptoms, events, changes and remedies used and will eventually be putting this up on my Google Docs Shared Items. I will also update here on my friend's cancer status regularly.

Be well.

EC: Per Bill's request, this feedback has been cross-posted from and also appears on Earth Clinic's Bone Cancer page here:

Vitamin K, Enzymes

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Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 10/27/2013

In studies of non-hodgkins lymphoma, it was found that vitamin K causes the risk for the cancer to drop by 45%.

There is some statistical correlation between ME/CFIDS/CFS and the lymphoma but needs further study. One feature of CFIDS is blood coagulation.

One can take the nattokinase and serrapeptase to decrease ones risk of the disease and normalize blood flow at the same time.

If I had the disease, I'd would add fibrolytic enzymes that have the vitamin K. Need to be taken on empty stomach. Vitamin K2 is a natural form of vitamin K