Loose Skin Remedies

| Modified on Feb 13, 2024

When we age or lose weight, many of us have issues with areas of loose skin where our skin hangs in folds away from the bones and underlying tissue. While this is not generally a health issue per se, it can certainly be an area where we are unhappy with our physical appearance. Luckily, you can take a few steps with home remedies to tighten up and improve the look of your skin.

Improved skin tone can generally be gained with a combination of improved hydration to fill out the skin and exfoliation to slough off old, excessive, and less healthy looking layers of skin cells. Skin brushing and skin scrubs made of natural ingredients can help with the exfoliation.

Home Remedies for Loose Skin

You can find a number of exfoliating skin scrubs on these pages, including those that use baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients. Additionally, certain dietary supplements such as Vitamin E are good for the skin and its appearance.

Castor Oil, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/17/2012

I've used a 50/50 mixture of castor oil and VCO which I rubbed into and around my eye sockets in order to get rid of bags under the eyes and to help tighten up the skin naturally. Castor oil and coconut oil are also strongly anti-pathogenic and anti-fungal and when I rubbed it into my eye sockets and eyelids, I would inevitably get some of this mixture in my eyes. To me this was a benefit, since small amounts of castor oil and VCO in the eyes actually helps to protect eye health as well.

Replied by Mark

VCO? Abbreviations work in business with others in the same business but in general it just leads to confusion.

EC: VCO = Virgin Coconut Oil


Mark in VA. I agree that abbreviations & also failing to share dosages is not helpful at all.


VCO Virgin Coconut Oil.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Phdebolt (Mi) on 07/29/2022

I started having problems with my skin.

It was becoming thin and would tear and bruise very easily. The first couple days of taking a teaspoon had my stomach feeling rough. But after a week that was completely gone. I think it was clearing out my colon. My bowel moment has been so much better. But the greatest thing is my skin no longer tears and the bruising is gone... I am amazed. My energy is alot better and also my sleep.... wish I would have been taking this years ago... I tell everyone I know what it has done for me.

Replied by Jackie
(Santa Monica, California)

I've heard a lot of testimonies on diatomaceous earth and I always have it in the house. But I also have heard some bad things like kidney failure from it and I'm not sure if I'm correct on that or not so I'm kind of leery of taking any.

Double Chin Remedies

Posted by Winnie (India) on 08/03/2014

I need some working remedies to get rid of double chin....

Replied by Clara
(Ohio, US)

I've found that if you slap under your chin with back of hand you will see results quickly

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Looking way up while opening and closing the mouth will help get rid of a double chin.


How many times in a day do you it and for how long?

Replied by Aubrey3000

You can buy specific wraps that cling to your skin and with the help of cream etc. It fixes elasticity. Some lady I knew had a few chins and used this brand of "skin wraps" per say and it worked. The brand is called 'it works' or something close. A quick google of it will bring it up

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Nina, totally up to you. I usually remember do it a bit when I'm alone in an elevator!

Replied by Nina

Dear Mmsg, Thanks for the reply

Replied by Lizzi Duck

I came across the cure for loose skin on the neck quite by accident! I was doing some soul searching and spent an entire day in prayer. Because I was crying I had to hold my head up- like talking directly to God. My sinuses were paining me and this position brought relief. I was praying out loud facing straight up to God. The next day I was completely SHOCKED to see that the extra skin I had accumulated over the past 50 years had almost completely disappeared! I was So thankful. Children were always pulling on my extra skin, I dreaded answering all their questions as to how I had so much skin ( I goitered in my 30's) I also figured out how to get rid of "Chicken Skin" as well ; )

Replied by Cheryl
(Bakersfield, California)

Lizzi, I love your testimony about being an entire day in prayer and crying and then how the next day you saw that the extra skin you had accumulated over 50 years was almost completely gone. I just feel like that God was listening to your prayers and that He helped you. I will always keep what you wrote in my mind because it is going to help me but you say that you figured out a way to get rid of ' Chicken Skin ' could you please share that with me? I am 69 years old and have crepey skin and chicken skin on my knees. Thank you in advance Lizzi. Sincerely, Cheryl

Replied by Mary

God has truly blessed you and healed you! What an amazing testimony!

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Sandy (Naperville, Il) on 04/03/2018

Can anyone help with this problem. My skin is becoming loose everyday. So many wrinkles on hand, face and neck. My skin is super dry and very dull. Tried, aloevera fresh, sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil, store bought creams, but my skin does not absorb, at least I do not see any difference. Because of my boneloss in jaw, my cheeks look so drop down and I am looking very very old. Can anyone help me suggesting how do I make my skin absorb some moisture. My eyebrow and eyelids are also look very dropped down

Replied by Alexandra
(Valence, France)

The skin of my face is so much better since I stopped putting cream or oil above. I do not wash even anymore my face every day. Sometimes I cross a little cold water above (never hot) without rubbing. So the natural layer of sebum which maintains the hydration is protected.

It is necessary to wait 3 in 4 week before the skin rebalances and can work alone.

I'd begin to do it when I noticed that 60-year-old friend had less wrinkle than me (I'm 38! ). She told me that her secret was to never put anything on her skin.

My skin was enormously degraded these last years and read I put natural and expensives creams more that was worse. Now my skin is always hydrated and it apparently re-tautened. I believe that the skin simply needs that it is left in peace contrary the advertising executives of cosmetics try to persuade us.
I hope that it will help you.

(sorry for the bad english)


Thank you so much.

Replied by Anon

Saggy skin and droopy eyelids can be caused by a deficiency of trace minerals. I began having saggy eyelids in my late 40's. At some point in my 50's I began taking trace minerals in a liquid form by mouth and one of the first things I noticed was my eyelids became tighter. I cannot remember how long it took, but it was not all that long, maybe a few months.


That is interesting to hear. Can you please tell us what brand or type of trace minerals you took, please and the dosage that worked for you.

Replied by Anon

I wanted to add that taking powdered gelatin/collagen daily in my hot tea has noticably lessened the lines around my mouth. The label suggests taking 4 tablespoons per day and I have gotten good results taking only 1 tablespoon per day.

A dramatic difference you can make in your skin's appearance in just a week or so is to eat sardines daily. I am not a big fish eater so I had to disguise my sardines when I was adding them to my diet. You can drain your sardines and add them to tomato sauce over your pasta; mash them up and add mayo or shrimp sauce or texas pete; or my favorite...cut up an avocado and place in a bowl, place your mashed sardines beside the avocado chunks, pour a little lime juice over both, shake a generous portion dried (or fresh) cilantro on top and eat with tortilla chips. Very good. I try to eat them 3 or 4 times per week. Your joints will like them, too.

One more thing...reading the posts here at Earth Clinic by P. Raghavan has inspired me to buy kefir grains and make my own daily milk kefir. Drinking just one cup per day gives the skin a healthy glow. It is so easy to make and requires minimal time. The little grains grow and multiply so you will either need to give the extra grains away to a friend, feed them to your pet, or don't be afraid to eat the extra grains yourself. They will add even more glow to your skin. I like them with kefir poured over the top and sprinkled with cinnamon. I don't know that it will help with sagging skin but it is doing something in my body that my skin likes. Also anti-inflammatory for the joints and throughout the body. Thanks so much, P. Raghavan!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sandy,

I was pondering if your skin issue is related to your teeth issue, which you have mentioned previously in another thread.

Anon mentions that trace minerals and collagen may help.

And those things may help your teeth.

If your body is lacking minerals or other nutrients, your skin AND teeth will suffer. If your body is not absorbing well, that could affect your skin and teeth.

Bone broth may be helpful for your skin and teeth as they contain the particular building blocks needed for bones and skin. Bone broth is also supposed to be healing to the gut.

How is your digestion? If it moves too fast or too slow (especially too fast, I.e. diarrhea) your body does not have time to absorb as many nutrients as it might otherwise.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lucena
(Cebu, Phil.)

Where can I buy trace minerals in liquid? If brand name is allowed to mention here, please do. Thanks a lot.

Replied by Anon

The liquid mineral solution I took is made from dead sea minerals in a solution of lactobacillus paracasei, curvatus and acidophilus and is living minerals probiotic. The way it is made makes it easy for the body to absorb.

Replied by Natalia
(Mn, Usa)

Being that you are in the Philippines, you may benefit more from the mineral profile native to your island(s) and to you. Try local salt and add that to filtered water. My Tawo friend gave me some salt from her island, it's grey and filled with trace minerals. Otherwise, try an import that if from US, has the minerals of the Great Salt Lake dissolved in water, an ocean and lots of land mass away from you - totally different mineral profile. Best to you.

Replied by Sue
(Pitt, PA)

Stop sugar, grains, dairy. Drink a lot of water. Exercise every day.

Replied by Vicky

I have read that the mushroom 'tremella' eaten (you can get it in powder form) is high in hyaluronic acid...and that it moisturizes the skin from the inside out. I'm going to buy it. I am also going to buy the actual dried mushrooms and boil them and use the liquid as a face mask :) Hope that helps.

Replied by Vicky
(New South Wales)

Read a book by Bill Sardi called 'How to live 100 years without growing old' it's about Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. There is also something else which will help but use with care (as everything) It's called ' It's a herb that can be bought already prepared in a serum/liquid called 'Volufiline' This can be applied to skin of the face or body, wherever you want to be 'thicker'...such as the cheekbones, the lips the butt, the breasts...and lost fat on the face! It causes fat cells to expand. It's permanent as far as I can ascertain so don't go overboard. Adding some volume (naturally) to the cheekbones for example, pulls up the face and this gets rid of wrinkles and sag...I'm going to use it on wrinkly hands and wrists and on my cheekbones, lips and all of the above! It's TINY and expensive so I'm going to buy some zhi mu in powder form and mix with coconut oil and apply to my body parts- otherwise I could never afford the amount of volufiline to accomplish the all over treatment- BUT- use a brush or applicator- don't use fingetips- since it increases fat cells remember! Everyone can benefit from this- please look it up. That and chondroitin sulfate! You're welcome :)


Thanks for the tips, Vicky.

Do keep us posted how it goes for you.

I've heard of Volufiline from Sederma. Haven't tried it myself. Others have said it works well and just a small amount of their product is added to your lotion. So a small amount would end up going a long way.


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Posted by Ali (Wales) on 09/04/2021

In reply to:

Kim (Petaluma) on 08/21/2015 wrote: "Interesting. How did you learn about cabbage? I'm wondering if organic, raw sauerkraut would have the same effect. (I'm not a fan of plain cabbage). My skin is severely dry, loose and thin. And I have severe CFS."

Dry, loose & thin skin may indicate Silica deficiency. Cabbage is one of many vegetables & fruits that contain Silica. Also, Diatomaceous Earth & Bamboo are other good sources of Silica.

Horsetail is often touted as being a good source, but the amount of silica in it is a lot lower & some get side-effects from it. Other herbs are good sources though, such as nettle & ground plantain (not the banana). Most green leaves & green vegetables contain silica.

Silica helps to maintain structural integrity. It is needed for collagen production, so can support many different areas of the body - the hair, skin, nails, bones & heart especially may benefit from extra Silica in the diet.

Replied by Teresa

Diatomaceous earth taken in water daily for several weeks helped tighten receding gums. I think it is high in silica.


Really interesting. How do you do that? Are you putting it in water and brushin the water on your skin? How can it help?

Replied by Katzie

I apply Diatomaceous Earth to my skin directly, with either my hand or an unused makeup brush. This way works too.


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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, US) on 08/22/2014 412 posts

OK, girls! Just wanted to let everyone know that after being chronically dehydrated (probably for years), then getting sick and quite acutely, critically and nearly fatally dehydrated, and then rehydrating (took almost 2 years!! ) - a lot of the sag of the breast tissue reversed itself.

It was a long time getting rehydrated but something I noticed was that, during the rehydration process, if I let it go for a few days, without buckling down and drinking plain water and taking in some sea salt - CHICKEN NECK! The breasts wouldn't noticeably sag in that short of time (I'm top heavy), but the skin of the neck...crikeys! I hadn't even noticed it, other than people saying I looked like I was getting younger during the rehydration period.

Anyway, just wanted to throw that in there and that I'm a firm believer in "Dr. Batman" (Batmanghelidj) and The Water Cure.

Replied by Carolyn

Thank you!

Replied by Hematite99

H Cindy, thanks for posting, having lost weight and especially off my neck, it's now just loose wrinkly skin, how much water should I be drinking and will it reverse it and how much sea salt, thanks

Replied by Vicky
(New South Wales)

Watch a video by Dr.Berg on drinking water. It can be great for some and devastating to others. Too much water can wash all the potassium out of the body- making you even MORE dehydrated. Water isn't what hydrates us- but just washes out impurities (along with our much needed potassium) Eat wet foods- watermelon, soups, stews...the water then spends longer in the body to do its work and doesn't make you pee it straight out, along with our potassium! Eat potassium rich foods- dandelions are highest in potassium and you can by potassium salts that you mix with distilled water and keep in fridge and put a few tablespoons in a glass of juice daily. Electrolytes like potassium and celtic/sea salt are what hydrates us (WITH water of course) I've read that our cells don't open to RECEIVE water unless there is salt in that water. I make up sole' (salt-loaded distilled water) and take a s wig of that before drinking a glass of water. Some people add a teaspoon of salt to their bottle of drinking water. I never drink water, but on reading that I should...I made myself drink glasses of it per day---when I got up to 5 glasses that day, I couldn't swallow! I was so dehydrated because the water had washed all of the electrolytes (potassium) out of my body! I found out from Dr. Berg (Chiropractor) later that it can kill you- drinking too much water. Others do well on it but as a rule, its not good unless you keep up potassium stores. Hope this helps people to understand water better. Watch his videos- he's wonderful! All about natural healing and tells you what other doctors won't.