Lactose Intolerance Remedies

Kim Chee or Sauerkraut
Posted by Katabatic (Seattle, Wa) on 01/01/2012

I was severely lactose intolerant for over 15 years. Even baked goods that had the tiniest bit of milk in them or medicine that had lactose added to it (why do they do that?! ) would make me violently ill. I had tried everything, including probiotics, and nothing helped.

Then, randomly about a year ago, and just cause I liked it, I started eating Korean kim chee everyday. My body was craving it! This went on for about 6 weeks. One day, I accidentally ate a sandwich that had laughing cow cheese on it instead of mayo. When I discovered what I'd eaten, I freaked out. But nothing bad happened. So I tried eating more dairy in small amounts and before long I could eat as much cheese-covered pizza as I wanted (maybe not the healthiest thing, though)!

I found out from a lactose intolerant friend in Germany that her doctor there told her to eat sauerkraut and drink the juice. Both sauerkraut and kim chee are made with fermented cabbage, which has lots of good bacteria in it. Neither of these smell great, but if you go for kim chee, just be aware that it's very spicy! And don't expect immediate results. It will take a few weeks for your body to accumulate the good bacteria. I notice that if I take anti-biotics, I need to start eating kim chee again or else my digestive system is quite unhappy. So keep that in mind, too.