Lactose Intolerance Remedies

Kim Chee or Sauerkraut
Posted by Clyde (New York) on 09/25/2012

I had to chuckle at the mention of kimchee, since I'm of Korean descent and there's always an abundance supply of kimchee in our household (we even have a separate, special kimchee refrigerator -- helps to keep the other food from not smelling like kimchee). I've been lactose intolerant for nearly 25 years now, since college. Unfortunately, all this kimchee in my gut has never helped me. Neither has sauerkraut. Granted, I consume hot dogs with kraut less often.

The only things on this webpage that have helped me are:

1) strict avoidance of dairy -- that's fairly obvious

2) lactase pills, drops, etc

3) raw milk -- that's non-pasteurized, non-homogenized cow milk. Supposedly, after drinking raw milk for a few months, one's stomach may actually start producing its own natural lactase enzyme again, and one can start eating regular pasteurized dairy products again like cheese and ice cream, though probably not milk. I'll probably never get to find that out. The government has just made it too difficult and expensive to actually find and purchase good ol' raw milk. That's too bad. Big Brother is so concerned with cramming their upside down killer food pyramid down our throats and making sure our kids are chock full of killer wheat, soy and corn products, while taking away our rights to obtaining healthy food.