Natural Remedies for a Kidney Infection

Guyabono Leaves
Posted by Ruby May (Nagano, Japan) on 09/15/2007
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According to my mother, when I was 5 years old the doctor said, I got a kidney. I don't know what kind of medication my mother applied to me but I'm pretty sure it was in natural way. "The wonders of herbs and water."

When I was in elementary grades it attacked me again. It was very severe pain and when I was in high school also. I always drink Guyabono leaves boiled and make it for tea and seven kinds of leaves also put it together to boiled, and corn bills. We are poor in my country (Philippines) and my mother can't afford in operation and even for medicine. If I got attacked a severe pain and illness in several times in several years, my mother knew what it was and let me to drink home maid or I called it my mother's tea. It served as my daily water and I stop drinking when I felt better and okey.

In college I was attacked again because I worked as a working student in a University, my worked was to check the faculty in their respective classroom in every hour in 5-story building. I can't urinate if I urinate it only a drops but I can't felt the pain and on an off fever with chilling. My mother was troubled and tried everything what is herbal, she tried pure cucumber juice, young coconut juice to make me urinate and it works. I was 17 yrs. old. The next attacked, when I was 23 yrs old. I am away with my mother; I worked in factory 8 hrs or 12 hrs a day and also a regular student in a university. I slept 3 to 4 hrs a day (a day cause I worked in grave yard and day in school and in bed). These was the worst things happened in my life, the very worst pain and worst ill, all my grades was failure, confined in hospital for almost 3 weeks.

Mother was not around only my high school sister who leaves with me. My mother cannot come because of financial. So my sister tried also what my mother did, the home maid tea, cucumber juice, young coconut juice, guyabono tea, and this time we applied new, the pure lemon juice every morning.

The stomach must be empty before taking a pure glass of lemon juice for 4 days and no meals after drinking lemon juice in 1 hr. and in 3 days half glass of lemon juice. It works really. Before the doctor said operation! Operation! I said NO because I have no money for operation and aside I knew it will not make me fine cause these illness I must say it attached in my entire life since when I was born and till now (37 yrs old) but I have no worries now about kidney problem. I'm now working here in Japan if I got stress and over fatigue in work and make me ill and if I can't urinate even I drink a lot of water. I know my kidney problem is attacking again and no need of doctor's advice. Now, I know how to resolve this problem. I discovered the Alingitngit leaves, the leaves it look likes a green tea leaves. These leaves always be with me in several years it just like I'm depending my health on this leaves I learn that this is good for filtering for what ever we intakes in our body and that's the work of the kidney (to filter). I'm taking also Gabon (sorry I don't know what the English name of alingitngit or gabon nor their scientific name) but you can found this in Philippines. It saves my health of frequent attacking my illness, my kidney problem and no cost of money at all. I passed this to my several friends. Sometimes I'm taking apple cider vinegar, apple juice, pure lemon juice, and pure cucumber juice just for my health. I will try' mixing olive oil and lemon to remove any stone inside in my body (I don't know if have a gallstone). I think everybody got a stone in the body; we are now leaving in mass polluted surroundings. Whatever illnesses we have try in natural or in herbs way there is no harm with it just go back in basic and ancient ways "the natural remedies". JUST VERY SIMPLE!


We did a little research and found the following information on Alingitngit leaves, AKA TSAANG GUBAT on the website:


Luzon:' Kalabong, Kalimumog, Katdalugod, Maragued, Mara-mara, Taglokot, Talibunog,

Tst, Tsaang-gubat, Tsa-tsa

Visayas: Alibungog, Semente

Mindanao: Alangitngit, Alingitngit, Buyo-buyo

Tsaang-gubat is a low, woody plant with several stems. It is grown as ornamental or bonsai because of its attractive appearance. Its leaves are small and have dark, green and shiny upper surface. Tsaang-gubat is indicated or used primarily for diarrhea. But it is also advised for stomachache and colic.

Diarrhea: A person has diarrhea or LBM (Loose Bowel Movement) when his stool is soft to watery and when he has to move his bowels more often than two times in one day. To treat diarrhea using Tsaang-gubat, follow these steps:

1. Determine the amount of Tsaang-gubat leaves to use. The amount of leaves to use varies according to the age of patient and the condition of leaves, as follows:

Condition of Leaves
Age of Patient Fresh (chopped) Dried (crushed)
Adult 12 tbsp.

10 tbsp.

7-12 years

6 tbsp.

5 tbsp.
2-6 years 3 tbsp.

2 1/2 tbsp.

2. Boil correct amount of leaves in 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes.

3. Let cool, then strain and divide into 4 parts.

4. Take 1 part every two hours (until stool becomes solid).

Boiling the Mixture: There are important rules to follow when boiling the leaves in water. Observe strictly the following:

a. Use only enameled container or claypot ("palayok"), never an aluminum pot.

b. A standard glass or cup should contain 240 ml. or 8 fluid ounces of water. This measurement is the same as the content of a bottle or regular size Pepsi or Coke.

c. Mix leaves in water before placing on fire.

d. As soon as the mixture boils uncover the pot and let boil continuously for 15 minutes. Remember that the mixture should boil uncovered.

e. Strain and let cool. You now have what is called "decoction."

Storing the Decoction: For convenience, you may prepare enough decoction that you can use for several days. Simply adjust the amount of leaves to use according to the amount of water that you will boil. When kept in thermo pot ("termos"), the decoction will last for three days without losing its efficacy. When kept in refrigerator, the decoction will last up to four days without losing its efficacy. Keep in mind, however, that whether kept in thermo pot or refrigerated the decoction must not be taken anymore when its color has changed or when it has grown molds or fungus.