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Vitamin K
Posted by Eric V. (New Zealand) on 09/07/2019
5 out of 5 stars

14 years ago my daughter at 10 years old had a sudden onset of ITP. Rushed to hospital in an ambulance her platelet count of 4 (normal minimum 150 - 400) I knew nothing about ITP and the medical staff at the hospital, she went in an ambulance, recommended an immediate splenectomy. I refused, as her father my responsibility was to get more advice before removing the spleen of my 10 year old.

The hospital gave her a cortisone injection with which she had trouble for many years. However, after much research the solution was really simple. A lack of Vitamin K.

So alfalfa sprouts, watercress, aloe arborescens being high in Vitamin K, gave her relief within 24 hours.

Go to the supermarket get and eat a bucket of alfalfa sprouts and it has fixed ITP like magic.

It occurred several time since and I have had to remind her that Vitamin K rich foods should be consistent in her diet.